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From Jennifer Lopez’s latest double-digit carat emerald diamond ring from her engagement to Alex Rodriguez, to Jennifer Lawrence’s from Crooke Mulroney, and past stunners like Beyonce’s and Amal Clooney’s – the emerald-cut is back in full bridal force.

The elongated, rectangular cut is suited for the modern-day bride who is looking for a sparkler that is brilliant but not overtly flashy; classic but not outdated. Point being, can you even tell that it dates back to the 16th century? 

Its timeless appeal lies in its clean lines and structure that is distinctive of a step cut stones – with long and narrow facets that are made of straight lines.

This sets it apart from the more romantic round, cushion and princess cuts.

More significantly, the angular design of the cut allows the gemstone to produce a prismatic reflection that evokes light shining from a mirror, thus, it has its own type of brilliance that is exceptionally sleek and elegant.

We could watch these videos all day, to be honest.

And then there’s the look of its size. Essentially, you get more bang for your buck with the emerald-cut.

A 1 carat emerald-cut diamond will seem bigger than a 1 carat round-cut diamond.

This is because the elongated shape runs along the length of your finger, as opposed to the width. Same goes for the oval-cut, which has the elongated length as well.


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Do take note however, that the clear surface of the emerald-cut is unable to hide the diamond’s imperfection well, so you should pick a clarity grade of at least VVS2!

So for brides looking for something that’s less feminine but is just as chic, has a distinct sparkle, and is advantageous in the size department, the emerald-cut is for you.