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Kate Moss and David Beckham are reportedly teaming up to plan Liv Tyler’s wedding.

The British supermodel introduced the ‘Lord of the Rings’ actress to her fiance Dave Gardner – a sports agent whose is David’s best friend – and has even offered to host part of their nuptials at her home in the Cotswolds in south central England.

A source said: “Kate first introduced Liv and Dave and certainly knows how to have a good time, so it made sense for her to be charged with planning things.

“She’s already floated the idea of hosting part of the celebrations at her Cotswolds home.”

And she and David have been discussing the idea of a joint stag and hen party for the couple, who are expecting their second child together.

The source added to Grazia magazine: “David is overseeing things from Dave’s perspective. There’s talk of him and Kate heading up a joint stag and hen do, which is likely to be a weekend in Marrakech.”

The pair are said to have swapped ideas after the recent Louis Vuitton show in Paris.

Liv – who has son Milo, 11, from her marriage to Royston Langdon, and Sailor, 16 months, with Dave – will likely be relying on her pal to help choose her wedding gown too as she recently spoke of how much she loves Kate’s sense of style.

She said: “Kate is my style icon, I’d love to raid her closet. I was at her house yesterday and I was looking at everything. There are so many beautiful things in there, she is wonderful.”

Liv is planning to spend more time in the UK next year and thinks it would benefit the kids – including Dave’s eight-year son Gray – if they are all together.

She said recently: “We are back and forth. I am still mostly in New York but spending a lot of time here in the UK. David’s son is here and also his job. It’s hard. It’s beautiful.

“It is what it is. It’s what we signed up for. It’s an evolving thing.

“Next year we are going to be here for sure, for school, so the children can all be under one roof for at least the school year.”

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