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Engagement rings are just as personal as the brides who don them. And if you just can’t seem to find a style that you connect with in any jewellery store, or already have an idea of a unique design in your head, designing your own could just be the way to go.

Especially if you gravitate towards classically beautiful styles with refined details that also mirror your personality and tastes, you’ll want to turn your attention to Singapore private jeweller Les Precieux.

The Les Precieux showroom exudes elegance and a plush, welcoming ambience. The brand prides itself on immaculate and warm service; its co-founders and directors will personally walk you through the process of creating your dream bespoke jewellery pieces.

The jeweller elevates the experience of creating your own ring with an array of bespoke ring design samples, stones and materials in the boutique, which you can try on to give you an idea of what complements your style, hand profile, skin tone and personality.

First things first – decide on your stone of choice.

If diamonds aren’t quite to your tastes, you’ll be dazzled by the alternatives Les Precieux has to offer – its specialty is in unheated sapphires, gemstones and diamonds that are entirely natural, untreated and conflict-free. Each stone comes with certifications from reputable international and local gemological institutions to prove its authenticity.

Les Precieux’s refined engagement rings are designed to be stacked perfectly with its range of wedding bands for the bride.

“Diamond alternatives that have been consistently sought after are sapphires and padparadscha sapphires – they have also been embraced by royalty and celebrities throughout history. Other gemstones include rubies, emeralds, aquamarine, tanzanites, tourmalines, spinels and morganites,” says Janice Lee, co-founder of Les Precieux.

Digital renderings that will give you a precise representation of your ring design.

Once you’re done choosing your stone, you’ll want to get to creating the rest of your ring, like the setting, metal and band design. While its designs lean towards a modern vintage aesthetic, Les Precieux’s jewellery designing process is anything but old-fashioned. It uses Computer Aided Design (CAD), instead of hand-drawn sketches, to help craft and finalise the design of your perfect ring.

This lessens the chance of discrepancies, which can happen between hand-drawn sketches and the final piece – and you’ll get an actual visualisation of your ring (right down to the minute details) before it’s even physically casted!

If you still like the idea of a hand-drawn design, you can also get a beautiful watercolour painting of your engagement ring as a keepsake, at a fee.

“It is of far better value to buy a wonderful gem at a fair price than to buy a fair gem at a wonderful price. Do not worry about what others think, go for something that speaks to yourself.​​​​​​”- Janice Lee

You can expect your ring to be ready in one to two months, from the designing of it to the finished product. Those with a penchant for clean, contemporary styles, you’ll be glad to know that Les Precieux also has a minimalist line in the works, so keep your eyes peeled!

For more information or to kickstart your ring designing journey, visit or head down to the boutique at #11-04 International Building (by appointment only), Whatsapp: +65 9647-2673. E-mail: 

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