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Creme Maison founders Angeline Ng and Serene Tan with actress and singer Cheryl Wee. 

You’ve probably seen pictures of its eye-catching floral bouquet cupcakes floating around Instagram. Yep, we’re talking about Creme Maison.

The Singapore bakery specialises not just in Instagram-worthy cupcakes, but also buttercream cakes that are undeniably picture-perfect. And their confections boast scrumptious flavours too. Their bestselling flavours include Raspberry Lychee Rose, Matcha Salted Egg and Earl Grey Lavender. We talk to founders Angeline Ng and Serene Tan, who most recently also created the wedding cake and dessert table for local celeb Cheryl Wee. 



1. What are the latest wedding cake trends right now and which is your favourite?

One of the trends now, and our favourite, is the floral embroidered cake. It is almost like painting with oil pastels on a canvas, except we are working with buttercream on a cake. Another trend is to create paint strokes on the cake with buttercream, as well as a rock candy geode cake.


2. What are the most popular flavours for wedding cakes right now?

Neutral and light flavours, such as our Raspberry Lychee Rose and Earl Grey Lavender.


3. What are the trends for dessert tables right now? And how can couples give their dessert table a unique spin?

Outdoor luncheons that call for a rustic dessert table setting. Couples can look at increasing the number of tiers on their cake for grander appeal. Otherwise, they can also customise the dessert options to truly inject their personality into the choices.

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4. What are some tips for couples ordering buttercream cakes for their big day? 

Buttercream cake designs tend to be classier. For extravagant designs, couples should look at ordering fondant cakes instead. Couples should also consider the location of their wedding – is

it indoors or outdoors? If it’s outdoors, heat may change the flavours and textures of the cake. We recommend having a naked cake – where the cake isn’t entirely covered by buttercream –

for outdoor celebrations. 


5 How long ahead of the wedding would you suggest booking your cake vendor

At least 3 weeks ahead of the wedding. 


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6. What’s the craziest or most memorable wedding cake you’ve done?

Cheryl Wee’s wedding was one – for many reasons. She is a close friend, so it was great to be able to contribute to her big day and celebrate it with her. She also wanted a large cake with

five tiers that involved a full customisation process with Cheryl herself.


Check out Creme Maison’s creations at or Instagram: @crememaisonbakery.