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#1 另一個天堂 Another Heaven – Wang Lee hom ft. Jane Zhang

The Chinese-American singer/songwriter’s “Wei Yi (Only One)” is an iconic song that’s made it to many a wedding celebration. And of course, he’s got plenty of love songs under his belt, but we love this duet with Chinese singer Jane Zhang, which speaks of finding heaven in a special someone.




#2 告白氣球 Love Confession – Jay Chou

The King of Mandopop’s lighthearted R&B song literally translates to Confession Balloon and probably brings forth memories of the days when you first started dating.


#3 慢慢喜歡你 – Karen Mok

Love doesn’t always come at first sight. Love can be and is often built gradually and it’s what this song is about.




#4 讓我為你唱情歌 A Love Song For You – Jam Hsiao

This newly released tune by Jam Tsiao has a lighthearted yet ultra-sweet feel. Great for giving your video montage a cheery vibe, or you can sing it to your sweetheart during the reception.



#5 今天妳要嫁給我 Marry Me Today – David Tao ft. Jolin Tsai

The title says it all.  


#6 谢谢妳爱我 Thanks For Your Love – R-chord (Hsie He-hsian)
R-chord wrote this heart-melting song to thank his girlfriend of many years for her unwavering love and support, and sang it to her when he popped the question. Be right back while we swoon. 


#7 Beautiful Love – Tanya Chua

The Singapore songstress is a self-declared romantic at heart and this soulful ballad will warm the cockles of yours and your guests’ hearts. 


#8 带你去旅行 Travelling With You – Xiao Zhang

If you’re the jet-setting couple and have a video montage of your travels together, this is the perfect song to accompany the montage, or to play during your reception. 


#9 愛,很簡單 Love is Easy – David Tao

More than a decade later, this timeless piece remains a wedding staple. 


#10 情非得已 Qing Fei De Yi – Harlem Yu

If you’ve watched the 2001’s Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden and had your insides melt at the sweet young romance between the feisty Shan Cai (played by Barbie Hsu) and Dao Ming Si (Jerry Yen), this will give your and your guests a serious dose of nostalgia. 


#11 特別的人 The Special One – Khalil Fong

Love and marriage’s not all a bed of roses. Lyrics include “You have to be tolerant in order to understand a person”, “Inevitably, there will be heartache along with happiness” and “You are the special person whom I was destined to meet” ,and are accompanied by the singer song-writer and producer’s soothing vocals. 


#12  豆浆油条  – JJ Lin

It literally translates to soya bean milk and dough fritters – the perfect pairing, just like your marriage.


#13 小夫妻 Little couple – Joi Chua & Ocean Yang

A cute ditty that epitomises the sweet simplicity of a married couple’s day-to-day life. 


#14 Hand in hand  恋爱频率 – Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu

Sung by husband and wife Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu (the pair had a lavish $4.3 million Bali wedding), it doesn’t get any sweeter than this for your march-in. 


#15 The Moon Represents My Heart – Teresa Teng

And course, who can forget this love song of all love songs for weddings by Teresa Teng. 

Of course, there are plenty of other romantic Mandopop songs that are perfect for joyous celebrations. What’s your favourite?