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You aren’t alone if you’re a bride who is looking for something in between a professionally styled wedding with the full works and a wedding completely DIY-ed with help from family and friends. 

Here are 8 wedding vendors who offer customisation options like creative backdrops, personalised laser-cut signage, handcrafted flowers and even customised reception decor with props! 


1. Gifts of Grace

The works from Gifts of Grace are centered around Charis Tan’s finely-tuned calligraphy elegantly inscribed on bespoke wedding stationery – from wedding invitations, engraved acrylic vow pieces and even aisle runners and backdrops. 



2. Bucket Full of Roses 

Have your dream wedding fully conceivable with the team from Bucket Full of Roses. If a fully custom designed package is what you’re looking for, then they are the people to talk to.

Every detail is painstakingly designed and created to work together fluidly. Alongside styling services, they offer an exclusive range of wedding signage that are innovative and truly unique. 



3. Miss Petal & Bloom

Handcrafted crepe paper flowers that are whimsical and perfect for weddings, Miss Petal & Bloom offers a creative and long-lasting option to using real flowers.

Each petal is sculpted and glued individually by hand and customised to your request – from bridal bouquets to boutonnieres and wedding backdrop decor. 

They specialised in papercuts as well – which you can opt for as your wedding signage or invitations.



4. Props & Crafts

Affordable, unique and customised wedding props rental are available here, in both ala carte and packaged capacities.

We find their wedding themed packages a good and easy solution to your reception decor needs, with most of them attractively priced between $120 to $200!




5. IM-Perfection

No wedding idea and theme is too big for IM-Perfection whose comprehensive and creative range of wedding props comes in life-sized proportions; from 4D structures to a fully decked out wedding reception area.

They also offer other wedding services on hand: styling, planning, customisation, photobooth etc, that can transform any wedding venue into the dream wedding theme of your choice, easing your hassle of having to source for multiple vendors. 




A wedding design and space stylist company, Flour is run by a talented husband and wife duo who creates gorgeous bespoke events that includes weddings; be it for a grandiose ballroom banquet or a casual beach reception. 

They also offer styling sets for hire that can be rearranged to your liking and needs.



7. KCottageStudio

Bespoke cake toppers, signages and table decor in mirror and coloured acrylic and wood are some of KCottageStudio’s signature offerings that will bring touches of personalisation to your wedding.

You can also create personalised wedding guestbook and favors for your guests with their help. 



8. Kustomise

The team from Kustomise creates and designs bespoke decorations for special events, including, of course, weddings. 

Their signature works are customised walnut wood and acrylic signage, whether its for your wedding arch, car or chair deco. 

They do events set up as well, so hit them up today for that extra personal touch in your wedding. 



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