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Lights over flowers
Fairy lights are all the rage with weddings these days, and you don’t need much to illuminate your venue. Choose a focal point (usually the stage, VIP table, or the altar), hang a few strings, and light it up when it gets dark.

You can even use them to drap over your stage backdrop to create a twinkling wall – magical! We also love how some couple dangle many short strands of lights over their reception to create a ‘ceiling’ of sparkling lights, like stars! If you have a colour theme, you can also choose fairy lights in the colour/s of your choice.

Unique table runners
Instead of spending money on individual centrepieces, brightly-coloured or patterned table runners, when spread across your tables, add pizzazz to any wedding, instantly. The caveat? It works better with long tables instead. Your table runners can even double as unique seating cards, too!

For a pretty effect try buying metres of lace panels and use them as a table runner – place them over pastel coloured tablecloths to highlight the beautiful lacy patterns. Lace or printed floral doilies are also great for to place under your centerpieces for a more elaborate effect.

Flower aisle at Annie & Charles’ beautiful Bali wedding. Photo: Her World Brides September – November 2013.

Flower petals
Instead of having individual bunches of blooms tied to every row, strewn petals on the aisle give off a more luxurious effect. It’s also easier to accomplish, and cheaper, too.

You can also spread different coloured petals on your tables for a pretty effect.

Have a chalkboard
Chalkboards are everywhere in weddings now, and it’s not hard to see why. The old-school element is fun to recreate, and you can doodle just about everything you want. Ideas include: A chalkboard welcome board, chalkboard menu, chalkboard photo booth backdrop, smaller chalkboards signs for pretty photo opportunities. The possibilities are endless.

Photo: Her World Brides September – November 2014

Painted bottles 
All that glitters is not gold. Or silver for that matter. But having gold- or silver-painted bottles dress up any venue instantly. They don’t even have to be big productions – simply take some time to spray paint a few, place flowers in them, put them together at the reception table, or as centrepieces for guests, and you’re done.

Paint bottles of different heights in different metallic hues or colours and cluster together as your centrepiece, or line them slog the aisle with leafy ferns instead of flowers for a more lush effect. You can even tie pretty ribbons around the neck of the bottles and hang them from the backs of chairs, filled with bunches of tiny flowers.

There’s something about these little colourful triangle cloths hanging or flapping gaily about. It brightens up any venue, and again, easy to put together.

Paper or tulle pom poms
We’ve used paper or tulle pom poms in our spreads many times, and it’s always worked well as an easy project with big impact. Have them in wedding hues, or choose a variety for a pop of colour.

You can string them over your reception venue, pile them against your stage backdrop or just cluster a few in a pretty rattan basket and scatter some flower blooms and petals on the arrangement.

Tub full of drinks!
If you’re having a fun, alfresco wedding or after party, load up a tub (it can be a large barrel or a wheelbarrow) with drinks and ice, and place them in a prominent spot where guests can help themselves to it easily. Dress it up with sprigs of blooms or balloons to draw attention to it.

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