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Vent on social media
Complaining on social media will just make you look bad (or worse, a crazy bridezilla). Plus, prepare to get unfriended or unfollowed if you continuously air your dirty wedding laundry – whether it’s about the ridiculous costs of certain things, bridesmaids who’ve gotten on your nerves, or catering nightmares. Instead, take things offline and speak to a trusted friend or family member, and seek advice. After all, it’s no use venting without seeking a solution, right?

Reveal surprises 
If you’re looking to see the reaction on your husband-to-be or guests’ faces after you’ve revealed your surprise, don’t post spoilers, especially photos of your dress! You would (and should, really) definitely want to keep these details to yourself (and keep everyone else in suspense). If you can’t resist, post teasers or little snippets (such as a cropped photo) of your stationery or other programmes you’ll be including during the ceremony or reception.

Allow photos to be taken during the ceremony
Sure, you’re no celebrity, and guests releasing your photos won’t spoil a million-dollar magazine cover deal for you. But you’ll have to keep in mind the extra flashes, rude guests walking right up to get a better view (and blocking your photographer’s lens), which will all ruin your professionally-taken pictures. Besides, if you’ve paid that much money to hire a good photographer to capture those moments, the last thing you want to do, is have them take bad pictures.

A compromise would be to have them snap all the photos they want before or after the ceremony, and during the reception, with your hashtag (if any). If guests question your decision, remember that there’s nothing wrong with asking guests to enjoy the ceremony without taking photos on their phones. Remind them that you’ve hired a professional photographerand you’ll put them up on your wedding website for everyone to see. 


Create a special hashtag for wedding posts, tweets and pictures
Wedding hashtags are a must at millenial weddings these days. It’s a great idea as you’ll be able to receive photos that show different aspects (or ones your photographer may have missed) as wel as spontaneous moments of your wedding. You can even opt to have a live Instagram feed, where your guests’ photos are displayed onscreen for all to enjoy.

Have a wedding website
When it comes to making a list of wedding to-dos, one of the things that rank high on our list includes creating a wedding website. We’ve mentioned this in our planning stories, but we’ll say this again: It helps a lot. From frequently asked questions your relatives and friends may have, to collecting online RSVPs, as well as updating information, your website will help save you a lot of grief and phone calls to make.

Create a private Pinterest board
Pinterest makes planning so much easier. But keep in mind that your whole social network may be able to see every single detail of your wedding planning even before the big day. Create a private board instead (and invite select members if you’re looking to ask them for advice) for your best ideas. 

Mark your venue on Google Maps for easy sharing 
Even if you’ve printed a map on your invitations, sharing the link on your wedding website will make life so much easier for guests, as they can save the location on their smartphones and look it up on the day of your wedding. This makes getting to your reception much easier, especially if you’re having it in a hard-to-find venue.

Livestream your wedding  
If your friends and family overseas are bummed about not being able to make it for your wedding, stream it for them online! This way, they too will be able to share your special moment with you.