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1. Drink up
When you’re well-hydrated, there’ll be less chances of water retention. Drink about eight to ten glasses of water a day, but reduce your salt and caffeine intake, which could cause dehydration.

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2. Skip the salt, soda and coffee
These are dehydrating agents and could also cause puffiness in your under eyes as well as other areas if you take too much of them.

3. Sliced cucumbers or potatoes
Refrigerate sliced cucumbers or potatoes and place them on your eyes and leave for around 15 to 20 minutes (for potatoes) and 25 minutes (cucumbers).

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4. Cold spoons
Put four teaspoons in the freezer for about an hour or two, and press them against your eyes to reduce puffiness. Switch them up (and put the other pair in the fridge) when they get warm, and keep doing this until you see results.

5. Tea bags
Recycle your used teabags and refrigerate them for a while. Then place them over your eyes for about 30 minutes. Lie back and relax. Finish by washing your eyes and face and dry your skin thoroughly to prevent teastains from happening.

6. Masks on
For a quick pick-me-up, look to under-eye masks, like the ones from Shiseido, Bliss and Cle de Peau. Apply these the night before, or a few minutes before your wedding or portrait.

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