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#1 Stop releasing balloons 
What goes up must come down. And unfortunately, while this makes for lovely photos, the balloons also land on trees, in the ocean or rivers, or even wind up in some animals’ stomachs. 

Our tip: Instead of letting them float away, have your guests tie them to their wrists and let the balloons hover in the air for equally beautiful wedding pictures! 

#2 Say no to shark fin soup 
Shark fin soup is a Chinese delicacy often served at weddings. But not only does this damage shark populations, and ultimately the marine eco-system, shark fins have also been found to contain high levels of mercury that can be detrimental to health. 

Our tip: There are plenty of delicious dishes to serve instead of shark fin soup, and many hotels are removing it from their menu altogether. I was at a wedding recently where only the broth was served with other ingredients (let’s face it, it isn’t tasty because of the fin). And if you don’t want to be accused of being a scrooge, you can always leave a note on the menu on why the fin was left out. 

Fruit centrepieces look just as stylish. Image: Pinterest 

#3 Flowers
Cut flowers are beautiful to have at a wedding but not only do they go to waste after the celebration, they also cost a pretty penny.

Our tip:  From preserving them to giving them away, see our four ways to reuse your blooms after your wedding, here. Or, you can always opt for flower-less arrangements and centrepieces. 

Potted plants, like this one from Green Point Flowers, make for unique and environmentally-friendly favours! Image: Her World Brides 

#4 Wedding favours
If you have ever received a wedding favour which eventually landed in the bin or at the back of your cabinet (admit it, you probably have), then you’ll know what we’re talking about. Similarly, for your own wedding, consider what favours would cost less wastage. 

Our tip: Think of useful items. Edible favours are always a fab choice (but check for allergies first!) or unique ones like mini potted plants, sachets of tea, labelled lip balms, and even brollies and slippers for an outdoorwedding. Other alternatives: Set up a favour table so guests can pick their favourite or make a donation to a charity in their names.  

#5 Wedding Invites 
While some guests might think paper invitations are a must-have, it’ll ultimately land in the bin after the wedding, anyway. 

Our tip: It doesn’t hurt to ask your guests beforehand if they’re okay with getting e-invites. Plus, any changes can be updated instantly, especially if you’re using social media platforms like Facebook. 

This gorgeous cake from Pine Garden’s Cake is decorated with local flowers for a charming tropical vibe. Image: Her World Brides 

#6 Go Local 
Not only are imported flowers and food more costly, it also increases your carbon footprint through the transportation of these imported goods. 

Our tip: Opt for locally sourced and produced good. For example, dendrobium orchids, hibiscuses and ginger flowers all look lovely for your floral arrangements.