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1. Say no to the bridal diet
Instead of stressing out on looking your thinnest for your wedding, I’m sure there’re other, more pressing things for you to focus on. More importantly, you should look healthy and happy!

And going on a crash diet specially for the occasion might leave you tired, cranky, and distracted when it comes to finishing your tasks and enjoying life as an engaged bride-to-be with your partner.

And, if any of your friends and colleagues suggest ways to help you lose that extra fat, you can tell them you’re comfortable in your own skin.

2. Say no to the large bridal fitting entourage
Going with your best girls and closest female relatives to your dress fitting may seem like a girl’s dream come true.

But if you’ve been keeping up with TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress,  you’ll know that going dress fitting with a large posse is the stuff of nightmares (for some).

Everyone there will have an opinion as to how you should or should not look, and you may end up leaving with the dress that you’re not entirely happy with.

Instead, go with one or two (max!) friends whose opinion you can trust.

3. Say no to the big bridal party
Sure, having a large bridal party may seem like you’ve got plenty of fab friends you know you can count on. Plus, it looks impressive at your wedding, and great in pictures.

That said, consider the cost – you’ll have to fork out money for their dresses (if you’re paying), hair and makeup, transport, flowers, and more.

And, if you’re having an intimate wedding, frankly, having half your guests stand up as your bridesmaids or groomsmen, might look ridiculous to some. If not, you can always consider shopping alone.

4. Say no to branded shoes and accessories
I once had a friend ask if it was okay to wear shoes that’re not from well-known designer labels. My answer? Of course!

Weddings are expensive affairs, and you don’t need to spend any extra money on something that may or may not visible. Plus, if you’re wearing a long gown, chances are, your shoes will be covered most of the time.

My tip? Wear something you love and know you will be comfortable in.

5. Say no to Pin-worthy weddings
So this is a little contradictory, since we’ve been posting inspiring wedding ideas you’ll love. But if you’re not big on Pinterest or copping the latest wedding trends, skip it, if it’s giving you more stress.

What’s more important: Having a great time, and a happy marriage and relationship with your husband.