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1. Make sex a priority
Don’t think of the deed as a chore. Sex is a great way to connect physically and mentally. It also helps boost your libido (more sex!), fortify your immune system (source), and helps with anti-aging. (source)

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2. Disconnect
Not from each other, but from the rest of the world. While you don’t have to resort to extreme measures like going to a secluded place, where the connection’s sketchy and you’re far removed from the rest of world, you can spend a weekend away from your phone, laptop, and other devices. This will help you focus on one another, and connect better.

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3. Bare it all
Like scheduled sex, arrange for one or two nights in a week, where you both sleep in the nude, or with just your underwear on. This increases your chance of skin-on-skin contact, which can lead to a more active sex life.

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4. Try something new
From sexual fantasies to playing dress up, the possibilities are endless. Just make a list of the things you both want to try and pick a time and place to do so. Do note though, that if you’re uncomfortable with trying certain things, it’s better to voice them out than to keep it in.

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5. Have sex at least once a week
According to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, a happy couple should be having sex at least once a week, which will help lead to more romance, as well as a more intimate connection between the both of you.

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