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Clockwise from top left: Destinee three-cluster diamond ring; Destinee two-cluster diamond ring, and Jorn Rainer wedding bands, all from Lee Hwa Jewellery. Photo: Her World Brides June 2013.

1. Get them insured
Once he’s put a ring on it, you’ve got thousands of dollars (literally) at your finger tips. You’ll want to get it covered as soon as possible, in case something untoward happens. Have your ring appraised once every few years to update the value on your insurance, in case of loss, too.

2. Clean your bling
What’s the point in having a diamond solitaire ring if it isn’t going to sparkle as brilliantly awhile after? This is especially if you’ll be wearing it every day. Skin oils and other environmental factors will cause your diamond to appear slightly lack luster or dull. Keep it sparkling with soapy water (mix mild dishwashing liquid into a bowl of water), a soft and clean toothbrush for scrubbing out the dirt and grime, then rinse and pat dry with a lint free cloth. Alternatively, ask your jeweller if it provides ring cleaning services (big brands like Lee Hwa offer such services for free if you’ve purchased your ring from them).

3. Wear your diamond inwards
If you’re worried your diamond might be scratched (highly unlikely, but still) or getting your prongs dented when handling things like searching for keys in your bag and so on, wear it inwards, to “protect” it.

4. Check for loose prongs
Losing your diamond is a girl’s biggest nightmare. Put your mind at rest by having your jeweller look at it once every six months. You can also check when your prong’s loose – hold your ring up to your ear, and gently tap on the shank of the ring. If the diamond is loose, you will hear a weird or rattling sound. Or, if you feel your prong’s starting to move a bit, or isn’t sitting properly on the stone, take to have it tightened.

5. Don’t leave it lying around!
This is obvious, but we’ve heard some stories of brides losing their rings due to neglect! Try not to take it off when you can. If you’re not used to wearing it, keep it in a safe place like a locked jewellery box or safe. Although, there’s no point in your groom-to-be giving you an engagement ring if you’re not going to wear it often. If you’re going overseas, don’t leave your ring in the hotel safe. Instead, simply leave it at home (again in a locked drawer, box or safe), if you feel uncomfortable with wearing it out.