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5 tips to choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding thumbnail

5 tips to choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding

photo: Her World Brides Dec 16

Choosing the right makeup artist for your big day is as important as your venue and wedding dress. He or she will be responsible for the way you look on the most important day of your life. So here, five ways to ensure you’ve got the right man or woman for your wedding.


1. Decide the look you’re going to go for

This is important as different makeup artists specialise in different looks. Of course, most of them will be able to give you the look you want, but it’s still best to know what you want before approaching someone. 

It’s good to have tear sheets but please be realistic about the references you will be showing to your makeup artist. Pictures of Caucasian brides are not good references for Asian brides and neither are pictures of brides who have drastically different facial features from your own. Keep your references real.


5 tips to choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding

photo: Her World Brides Dec 16


2. Determine your budget

It depends on how much you’re willing to fork out for, as different makeup artists charge different rates. There is no point in approaching a makeup artist whose rates you can’t afford, unless you’re willing to be flexible with your budget in other areas.

Do note that there is a reason for the different rates makeup artist charge. It depends on how many time you need their services, how long you require them to be with you on your wedding day, how many different makeup looks you wish to have and how difficult the look is – does it require additional accessories or special makeup?

Prices also vary depending on the experience; the more experienced makeup artists who are known for creating beautiful looks charge a premium rate. Don’t expect amazing makeup when you are not willing to pay for it.


3. Ask around and get referrals

Apart from the Internet, you can look to bridal magazines to check out the various looks local makeup artists do. Save or mark out the pictures with your favourite looks, and compare them. Most bridal and beauty spreads will include the makeup artist’s credit and contact number. Alternatively, seek reviews on bridal forums, or ask friends for recommendations. They are valuable sources of information, too.


5 tips to choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding

photo: Her World Brides Dec 16


4. Look at his or her portfolio

This applies if he or she has a website for you to refer to. If not, (as mentioned in the previous point), try and identify the spreads he or she has worked on for you to get a feel of the work he or she does. When looking at the images, try and decide if he or she has done work that’s similar to the type of makeup you’re familiar with on a daily basis. Other things you should be looking out for: the makeup artist’s attention to detail, whether the skin tone matches the makeup the model or bride is wearing and bridal makeup trend pictures.

Do pay attention to pictures that are relevant to your own celebration or pre-wedding shoot. If you intend to have an outdoor celebration, ask to see pictures of brides in outdoor situations. If you plan to have your wedding shoot held indoors with artificial light, ask to see relevant pictures. Some makeup artists may only be good with outdoor makeup and not for indoor situations.


5. Request for a trial session

Once you’ve decided on a makeup artist, and have contacted him or her, this is the most important step. It is here where you’ll know whether your makeup artist will be able to create the look you envision for your big day. It is also the time where you can request for any changes to be made (if any), or look for someone else altogether. Don’t ignore the little details – if you’re uncomfortable with anything, voice it out. 

At the trial, it will be helpful if you can show your makeup artist your picture inspirations or any tearsheets. It’ll be better if you can send it to him or her before the session, but it’s best to take them along with you on the actual day.

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