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1. Get a professional photographer


This should the first and most important priority when planning for your outdoor shoot. A professional photographer will have on hand a list of ideal locations for your shoot (see some of the prettiest ones we’ve found in Singapore here and here), and he/she will should be technically competent to work with the available light at the venue to create a beautiful mood and feel.

An experienced photographer should also be more efficient and shoot great pictures in as little time as possible (see how much a professional photographer costs, and tips to hiring one). This is important because for beautiful pictures, it’s always best to …

2. …shoot early in the morning or evening.

The soft and dappled light in the early mornings and golden sunset hues of evenings is always best for romantic bridal pictures (see the beautiful portraits taken during the golden hour). Hard light always creates unsightly shadows and the heat in the middle of the day will be hard to bear when you’re dressed in all your wedding finery. 

Makeup in the heat will also not last long. So it’s always best to…

3. …hire a professional hair and makeup artist.

To get the look you want, hire someone who has years of experience is doing hair and makeup for outdoor shoots. The humidity and heat in Singapore will create problems for heavy makeup and pouffy hairstyles (see hydrating face mists that’ll keep you cool in the heat)! A makeup person who is experienced will know the tricks to ensure your makeup and hair stays pristine and perfect during your shoot. See the things to note while hiring a professional artist.

To ensure that your wedding look stays perfect after your makeup session, its best to…

4. …hire or have your own transport.

You can dump all your extras in the car and use it as a base stop to touch up hair and makeup when you need to. An air-conditioned vehicle will also provide cool respite from the day’s shoot. Bring along a large piece of fabric or a couple of shawls that can be used to cover the car windows when you change your outfits.

Be sure to check if there are convenient places nearby the shoot location to park your transport or car. This is to ensure you won’t have to walk far in your wedding dress (especially if it’s large and heavy).

5.  Plan B

Check with the photographer on an alternative location in case of bad weather. It’s always good to have a sheltered area that still has a lot of daylight so you can still re-create the same romantic look and feel. If not, here’s how to get the best portraits even in bad weather.

See also: things to note for your outdoor wedding or photo shoot.