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Let’s face it, sticking to a weight loss plan can feel like a bore sometimes. We get that it’s tough following a strict diet and exercise regime. Instead, aim to create a sustainable calorie deficit where you constantly burn more calories than you consume to shed those stubborn kilos. It may not seem like much, but these small tweaks will help you torch an extra 100 calories a day – after all, every bit of effort adds up!

#1 Cook

Instead of ordering food in, make a meal from scratch. Dicing, prepping and pottering around the kitchen for 75 minutes will already burn 104 calories before dinner is served!


#2 Have your own dance party

Put on your favourite tunes and boogie at home for 30 minutes to burn 152 calories. Bonus: you’ll have so much fun that you’ll want to keep grooving for longer!


#3 Unleash your creativity

Instead of cafe hopping over the weekend, why not make your way to an art jamming studio? You’ll have a chance to release your creative side – which is a great stress reliever by the way – while zapping 193 calories as you paint for an hour. Psss: You might also like these fun date ideas that cost below $20!


#4 Plant something

Spend some time over the weekend to cultivate your own mini garden. You can either grow some herbs at home or prep some indoor plants for the office. An hour of gardening will torch a good 165 calories, plus being around plants is said to have a calming effect on your body and mind.


#5 Re-organise your house

Give your home a mini makeover by redecorating it. Just 15 minutes of shifting items and carrying them around will already burn a neat 110 calories.


#6 Babysit

Volunteer to take the load off someone by babysitting their children. You’ll torch 110 calories by playing with kids for half an hour.

#7 Take a stroll

After dinner, go on a leisurely walk with bae (Here, 5 reasons walking will help you lose weight before your wedding) to digest your food and bask in some couple time. Before you know it, an hour would’ve passed and you’d have negated 170 calories. Score! 


#8 Stand up

Instead of sitting, choose to stand. Doing so for two hours a day means you’ll burn an extra 110 calories. Sounds tough? Well, just give up your seat during bus rides and MRT commutes.

#9 Curb your snack habit

The easiest way to burn off 100 calories is to not eat them in the first place. Swap your midday candy bar for a healthier snack like fruits or nuts to easily slash off those extra kcal or more. Here are the 10 food rules to follow if you’re looking to lose weight, as well as the best carbs to eat for healthy weight loss


#10 Go shopping

This is the best way to check off your wedding shopping list and shave off those pounds! Spend two hours going through the racks and indulging in some retail therapy to negate 144 calories. 


#11 Fidget

Are you always tapping your foot or twiddling your thumbs? You’re in luck! According to research by the Mayo Clinic in the US, fidgeting can help you burn an extra 100 to 150 calories every single hour. Every. Single. Hour.

#12 Walk your dog

Owning a dog can be good motivation to lead a more active lifestyle. Take your pooch for a walk or run round the ’hood and you’ll burn an easy 136 calories in an hour. When you’re home, give pup a shower to zap an additional 34 calories.


#13 Stretch it out

Spend 75 minutes stretching or doing yoga to burn 104 calories every day. You don’t have to do this all at once – just spend 10 minutes in the morning doing this simple flow sequence to energise yourself and five minutes every hour stretching and relieving tension in your shoulders and back when you’re at work.


#14 Take the stairs

An oldie but a goodie. Taking the stairs instead of the lift is one of the easiest ways to burn more kcal in a day. Walking up and down the stairs for 20 minutes already torches 128 calories – that’s just four five-minute trips in a day.

#15 Rent a bike

With so many bike sharing options in Singaporethese days, it’s easier than ever to make cycling a regular part of your day. If the route permits, consider cycling to work. If not, rent a bike over the weekend and cycle to your brunch spot instead of taking a cab there. An hour of cycling will burn 385 calories, plus your body will benefit from the exercise!


#16 Do housework

Nobody likes doing household chores, but our homes aren’t going to clean themselves. At least you can take comfort in the fact that housework actually burns a fair bit of calories. After an hour of vacuuming and ironing, you’ll burn a collective total of 210 calories.


Calorie calculations are from Calorielab, and based on a 55kg woman.

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