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If you’ve noticed these 10 signs of late from your man, chances are he’s going to propose!

1. He obsessively checks in on your schedule

…and wants to know your plans and movements for the next two months or so, for every hour.

Or if you didn’t have one before, he creates a couple calendar and insists you fill it up diligently while weakly stating that it’s just something he wants to try out for once.  

2. He suddenly knows about Pinterest, and Etsy

…and other sites that aren’t usually in his repertoire of online resources.

In his defence, he says he is in the market for quirky, customised cushions as his back has been hurting. Right.

3. He sneaks in odd questions

…as if pre-rehearsed, and usually awkwardly phrased.

Like, what do you think of public declarations of love?

And then veers on to create a serious discussion about ethical mining of diamonds.

4. He starts tearing up at mushy movie scenes.

You’re shocked.

This is the guy who had a fit of giggles while trying to watch The Notebook seriously with you.

5. He booked you for a fancy dinner two months in advance

…saying it’s to celebrate being together for 2 years and 8 months. He also asks if you have anything nice to wear for it.

Which is strange, because most of your dates are usually geared towards finding cheap and good eats, which you both take a kick out of.

6. He suddenly takes an interests in your rings,

…touching and studying them when he thinks no one is looking.

One day you realised one of them is missing. You wonder if you’ve misplaced it somewhere.

7. He takes an intense liking to your parents

…and wants to know what cuisine they like, which football team your father supports, and your mother’s favourite range of skincare.

He says he just wants to get to know them more – they seem like interesting people.

8. He starts checking his pockets and patting himself down every 20 minutes or so,

…when he realises that you’re looking at him weirdly, he mutters “I’ve been having this rash lately…” or something vague along those lines.

9. Your friends have quick conversations amongst themselves,

…and looks at you with sneaky knowing smiles while saying ‘No, nothing much is up” when you ask what’s going on during your most recent dinner meet-up.

10. He breaks out in cold sweat, and his eyes dart about during your usual walks home.

And he won’t let you near his pockets.


However your proposal happens, we know it will be a unforgettable moment in your relationship!