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1. An all-white cake – like this one from Mad About Sucre – is modern, sophisticated and classy at the same time.


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2. We love the marble cakes trend! Add a fresh twist to it by adding a burst of Alstroemerias, like Winifred Kristé Cake’s creation. 

3. Want to liven things up? Seek inspiration from Mad About Sucre, with this turquoise cake adorned with pretty sugar flowers.


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4. This galaxy-inspired cake by CUPPLETS is so beautiful, we’re seeing stars!


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5. Here’s a sweet and simple three-tiered cake from The Pine Garden, complete with metallic pink ribbons and pink blooms at the top.


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6. Having a rainbow-themed wedding? This cake, by The Fabulous Baker Boy, will perfectly round up your celebrations.

7. Hand-painted flowers on a cake are very artistic and whimsical!

8. This white and gold cake – with rims of pearls and fondant flowers – is oozing with class!


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9. This three-tiered cake is covered with hues of pastel teal on rustic buttercream spread with blooming with soft fluffy ranunculus to feathery delphiniums.


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10. Let the world know that your love is electric!


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