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Best date ideas

Don’t want to head out to crowded areas because of the coronavirus outbreak in Singapore (but is the virus airborne? Find out here) ? Or perhaps you’re a homebody who simply prefers staying home over going out? Here are some fun activities that you and your partner can do in the comfort of your own home. Plus, some of these date ideas are pretty budget-friendly too.

Get romantic, get cosy at home and create sweet memories with these couple activities:

Have a cook-off..on a budget!

Sure it might leave the kitchen in a mess, but if you’re both the competitive gourmet sort, then this might be the thing for you. Set a budget, head to the market and get down to cooking. For added fun, you can even invite friends over for a blind taste test/dinner party, and the loser would have to foot for the groceries bill and do the dishes. *gasp*

Get physical…with couple’s yoga 

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Nothing like a good sweat sesh to get your endorphins pumping together. What better way to torture your other half with some back-bending yoga poses? Get their limbs into stretches they’ve never imagined and try not to laugh at their struggle. All you need is some good ol’ YouTube yoga workout video, some space in your living room to stretch out and an open attitude for success.

Pick out your OOTDs

Ever wanted your partner to wear that top you think they’d look so good in, and yet for some reason they’ve always avoided wearing it? Here’s your chance. Select three outfits for each other and try them on. You might be surprised at their eye for fashion.

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Craft beer tasting session 

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Enjoy a night of refinement, craft beer style. Instead of downing them mindlessly, gather up to 10 different bottles of beer you’ve always wanted to try and include a couple Q&A session – there’s a ton of conversational topics for couples online. You’ll soon find both the alcohol and conversation flowing into new territories, good ones we hope.

Watch a horror movie

…and watch it through till the end. Nothing like snuggling under the covers and gripping each other in abject fear. At least if you’ve nightmares later on, you’ll know someone else who can relate.

Have a photo shoot session at home

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Everyone and their mothers have a camera phone and selfie stick or tripod stand. If you haven’t been the sort of couple who’s naturally cheesy, why not create the opportunity to do so? Think of the cheesiest couple poses and shoot them within the confines of your home. The outcome will either be cringingly brilliant or downright funny – either way it will be memorable, if not fun. And if its really too much for you, there is always the delete button!

Make each other a playlist and dance to them together

It could be EDM or a romantic jazz number. Whatever it is, promise each other you’ll dance to their chosen mix from Spotify/YouTube. For ambience, you could even add candles around the dancefloor, ie: your living room, and get all dressed up. In our opinion, slow dancing should be made a necessary date night activity. Include plenty of long and slow gazes too. We suggest starting with the fun disco hits before slowing it down with some smooth R&B ballad.

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YouTube couple challenges

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There’s a ton of video ideas you can do with your partner. My boyfriend does my makeup, my girlfriend gives me a makeover etc. It will definitely be a video you’ll both be able to re-watch and laugh over together in years to come.

Share your journal entries 

My partner and I just did this recently and we were tickled pink at how we described our first dates in our journals. It was an enjoyable time of looking back at our memories shared, both good and bad. Of course this may not be for everyone, but you can always pick the entries you’d like to share.

Do a craft project together

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Be it sorting out your photos into albums or completing a jigsaw puzzle, it will be nice to put your heads and hands together and complete something that’s relatively relaxing. Or if there’s an Ikea cabinet that has been on the to-do list for ages, it will be a good time to tackle it! You can then finish it up with a massage for your aching muscles.