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Rose gold amethyst and diamond earrings, $1,600, pendant, $850, with chain, $400, as well as ring, $1,200, and white gold diamond ring, $2,850, from POH HENG JEWELLERY. Photo: Her World Brides September – November 2015.

When dressing for the biggest day of your life, we firmly believe that your bridal wardrobe and accessories should make an impact when walking down the aisle. After all, it is probably one of the few (if not only) times you’ll get to actually do so.

Our top tip to making sure they look stylish and not tacky, is to match them with a certain item – your gown, accessories, and/or makeup. Here are our recommendations.

Wear it with…

1. Your gown
Match your jewellery to the hue of your gown – whether it’s in white, ivory, blush or a pastel shade. You don’t want to introduce too many colours in your ensemble, and end up looking tacky.

2. Your bouquet!
You can choose your flowers first, or vice versa, but make sure they come in similar hues. If you feel that it’s too much, break it up with neutrals such as white diamonds, pearls, or white blooms. For tips on matching your bouquet with your jewellery, you can refer to our spread, here.

3. Your makeup
Have your makeup artist recommend an eye shadow colour that complements your skin, then pick the corresponding jewellery, to enhance your beauty.