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outdoor weddings dec 2014.jpgPHOTO: Her World Brides December 2014 – February 2015

Weddings are momentous occasions – more so for the couples themselves (well, of course!) than the guests – but we’ve seen many couples go the extra mile to ensure their loved ones enjoy themselves as much, too.

The latest wedding to take Youtube and Facebook by storm? Robert and Theresa Ly, a US-based couple, who got their 250 guests to take part in their music video, featuring a mash-up of contemporary hits. The guests, who received their “secret mission” underneath each table, had only 10 minutes to prepare themselves to appear onscreen. The result: An epic hit which went viral online.

Here, 4 tips we picked up from this hit of a reception:

1. Involve your guests
During a typical banquet lunch or dinner, there’s not much for guests to do, except mingle around during the cocktail hour, welcome the couple (twice, maybe three times), enjoy their food and video montages, listen to speeches, and not much else. Involving your guests in the celebrations such as having them pass your wedding rings down the aisle, inviting them on stage to take part in a few games, will help make it a memorable occasion for them too. It’ll also help prevent them from zoning out after the 5th or 6th course already.

2. Think of alternative options
Instead of having your wedding in a hotel ballroom, consider alternatives such as theme-park weddings, weddings by the beach, alfresco celebrations in a restaurant or bistro, and so on.

3. Let loose
When planning your wedding, think of it as one big party for all to enjoy. Whether you’ve got the budget for it or not, there are always a few games or activities for guests to participate in. For instance, photo booths, pre-reception games like giant Jenga sets, self-help candy bars and so on, have proven to be big hits amongst guests.

4. Plan something unique
It’s not every day that you get a couple asking you to take part in their music video. Or having the wedding party dance down the aisle for that matter. If you’re not sure where to start, the Internet is your best friend. Otherwise, look to your shared hobbies for inspiration. 

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