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When choosing your wedding gown, it’s important to make sure it’s made from quality fabric – one that feels luxurious against your skin, and more importantly, fits well.

Whether you’re aiming for something that’s light and easy to move with, or something that’s slightly heavier but as comfortable for opulent celebrations, you’ll definitely want to wear something that won’t bunch up in all the wrong areas, highlight your worst angles, and so on.

If you’re still not sure how to recognise cheap fabric, our Contributing Editor, Steve Thio, shares his tips here.

Crystal embellished and beaded duchesse satin gown from Digio Bridal. Image: Her World Brides Mar – May 2018

1. Duchesse Satin
One of the most common bridal gown fabrics. It’s stiff and lends a gown form and shape. It’s great for any design that needs structure and volume. 


Tulle and lace ballgown from RICO-A-MONA Sept 13.jpgTulle and lace ballgown, from Rico-A-Mona. Image: Her World Brides Sept – Nov 2013

2. Tulle
Stiff, this fabric gives great volume. It can be used as a detailing fabric over another fabric, or under a ballgown to pouf it up.



Lace halter top and skirt from Digio Bridal. Image: Her World Brides Dec 2017 – Feb 2018

3. Lace
Lace is soft and looks ultra- feminine. Depending on the design, lace can be subtly sensual or all-out sexy. Because it’s soft, its superb for designs that cut close to the body.


Sequinned crystal and pearl embellished organza and polyester gown with silk flowers from Rico-A-Mona. Image: Her World Brides Dec 2017 – Feb 2018

4. Organza
A thin, light and stiff fabric that holds a shape well. It’s largely used as a detailing fabric, for example, in layering, pleating or ruching. Teamed with a thicker fabric, organza gives a gown that transparent, romantic feel.


High-collared beaded brocade gown with sheer panels from The Wedding Present. Image: Female Brides Issue 7.

5. Brocade
Stiff with an opulent weave, brocade looks and feels rich. Use it too for a vintage or ornate look. Because it’s stff, it’s ideal for any gown that needs shape or volume.


Chiffon gown with lace bodice from SILHOUETTE THE ATELIER Dec 14_0.jpgChiffon gown with lace bodice from Silhouette The Atelier. Image: Her World Brides Dec 2014 – Feb 2015.

6. Chiffon
Light and flowy, chiffon is ideal for a romantic, pretty or feminine feel. It can be used in layering, appliques, or be cut as a gown when it’s teamed with another less, see-through fabric.