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Photo: Her World Brides, June 2017.

It’s your dream dress!
You’ve dreamed about this day for a long time and you’ve always imagined yourself in THE DRESS for your wedding.  So make your dreams a reality and get the dress that you’ve always been dreaming and pining for all these years! Having your dreams come true is more important that listening to other people’s opinion!

You feel great in the dress!
No matter how beautiful a dress, it won’t matter if you don’t feel confident or comfortable in it. You’ll feel tensed and probably be fidgeting the whole time at your wedding, and your guests will notice this. What matters is that you’re comfortable and feel beautiful in the gown of your choice, and you will look great on your wedding day because of the confidence you feel. That joy and confidence will also translate into beautiful bridal pictures!

Every one has an opinion!
So whose opinion should you listen to? You mum, fiance or best friend? My advice – listen to yourself and what your heart tells you. There is always a moment when you see the dress of your dreams, or when you see yourself in the mirror for the first time all dressed up – and you KNOW. Thats the only “opinion” you need to listen to