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#1 Sweetheart neckline

This all-time bridal favourite is flattering on most body shapes, although it might be a tad more revealing if you’re on the bustier side, depending on how deep it cuts. On brides with smaller assets, it creates the illusion of a bigger bust, and on straight body types, it helps create curves. 


#2 The off-shoulder or bardot neckline

If it’s sculpted collarbones or shoulders you want to flaunt, take your chance with this sexy and elegant shoulder-baring neckline. (We love this look for hiding less-than-toned arms while baring some skin.) The only downside? Depending on the design of the dress, mobility might be an issue. Accessory wise, think long statement earrings that’ll draw attention to your face and lengthen your neck. 



#3 A plunging/ deep V neckline

Increasingly, we’re seeing more brides opting for this sexy, daring neckline. It’s a great look for brides with smaller busts, too. If you have narrower hips and a heavier top, or are looking to elongate your neck or torso, this is the neckline to go for as it draws the eye downwards. It also makes a round face shape appear more V-shaped or oval.

If you’re rocking this sexy look, note these undergarment tips


Image: Karen Willis Holmes

#4 The wide V neckline

If you have broad shoulders, a narrow V neckline can make them look broader. A wider V exposes more skin, and helps balance the width of your shoulders as well as gives a more natural look. It also helps balance out a pear-shaped figure. (See also: Which gown silhouette’s best for your shape? We help 5 real brides nail theirs)


Image: Rico-A-Mona Bridal 

#5 Boat neckline

Add width to narrow shoulders with broad, horizontal necklines. At the same time, it accentuates the neck as well as your bust, so if you don’t want to draw attention to a thicker neck or heavier bust, consider dropping this option.  

With this neckline, keeping accessories to a minimal will keep your look graceful and timeless, like a pair of sparkling earrings. Also consider an elegant or romantic updo to show off the graceful curve of the line.


Image: Monique Lhuillier

#6 Scoop neckline

This looks flattering on pretty much anyone but it also depends on the depth and width of the cut. A deeper scoop lengths the face, torso and neck, while a wider scoop flatters brides-to-be with narrower shoulders, as it gives the appearance of wider shoulders. But bear in mind, the curve of the neckline can emphasise round or full faces. 



Image: Ines Di Santo

#7 Square neckline

Got a penchant for sophisticated, vintage bridal looks? You might just love the square neckline –  think 50s stars like Grace Kelly. This is great for brides with ample bossoms who want to show their decolletage without revealing too much cleavage. The straight angular lines also balance out round face shapes. 


Image: Her World Brides 

#8 Toga

One to watch if you want to soften broad shoulders: the toga. Aside from having you look like an elegant Grecian goddess, the horizontal line cuts the width of the shoulder.


Image: Alexandra Grecco

#9 Halter

Because it brings attention to the centre of the body and cuts the lines of the shoulders, this is also ideal for brides with broad shoulders, and if you’re looking to show off toned arms. Long and lean? Go for a column gown with a halter neckline and you’ll be looking like a tall drink of water. 



#10 Cowl neck

There’s just something about the fluid drape of a cowl neck that gives your look an instantly effortlessly elegant and sultry appeal. Like the V- and scoop necklines, this also draws the eye downwards for a torso lengthening effect. It also adds dimension to small busts if the drape falls around the chest area.