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If you’re a bride on a mission, chances are, you’ll want to tackle just about every single wedding-related task at hand… until you suffer from bridal burnout. Here, tips and tricks on making your job a little easier.

Get organized
When setting out on your tasks, it’s important to have a clear vision. Set out your priorities and make a list. Separate the list into items that have to be done, and others, only when you have the time. Once you work your way down the list, you won’t feel that overwhelmed afterward. 

Pin it!
Or take a photo of it, if you see something you like. Whether it’s something you saw off the Internet or on a bridal magazine, Pin it onto your Pinterest board, or take a photo of it, and save it into an album on your phone. Or better yet, download the Pinterest app, or any other wedding planning app that’ll help put them into folders for you to reference at a later date. 

Plan ahead
Set calendar alarms in your phone or on your computer on certain dates (or milestones) to remind yourself of certain tasks that need to be done beforehand. 

Have a wedding website
There’s been so much discourse about the importance of wedding websites, but we think the top reason is this: It helps dispel unnecessary questions from guests on your location, RSVPs, transport options, and more. 

Separate accounts
Set up a separate e-mail account for all your wedding-related transactions and enquiries, so you don’t get confused in between. Likewise, open another bank account with your fiance, which will handle all wedding-related finances. That way, you won’t have to spend extra (and unnecessary) time calculating who spends what, where, why and how to pay it all back. 

Number the back of your RSVP cards
A trick many clever brides are already using, put a tiny number on the back of each card and then number your guest list accordingly. You’ll be less confused that way, should a guest forget to write his or her name on the card. 

Offer options
Save some money by offering your guests the option of electronic or physical RSVPs. This will help you save time and effort in trying to chase all of them, too. If your guests opt for snail mail, be sure to ask them to send in their RSVPs two weeks before your actual deadline, to allow yourself some lead time before confirming with the venue or caterer. 

Word your invitations properly
This is important, especially if you’re not going to be extending plus-ones to some of your guests. And, if a guest has broken up with his or her significant other and wants to bring another guest, you have every right to reject his or her request, since you only extended it to his or her ex-boy/girlfriend. 

Source pre-loved items
If you’re hoping to DIY some of your decorations, look to flea markets or online marketplaces to look for pre-loved items such as vintage shelves, frames, and so on, which are way cheaper than buying firsthand. 

Have padding sewn into your dress
Request for it to be done, if it hasn’t been sewn on already. You don’t want to be worrying about whether your strapless bra’s peeking out of your beautiful dress.

Heel protectors
If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you’ll know that your sky-high stilettos and the freshly-mowed lawn don’t match. The solution? Heel protectors, like the ones at Clean Heels Singapore. These fit comfortably over your heel, and prevent them from sinking deep into the grass. 

Sandpaper your soles
Doing so will help prevent any slippery mishaps from happening. 

Veil weights
Prevent your veil from blowing around (and into your face) by attaching these pretty but discreet little buttons. (Find out how to make your own, in this tutorial.)

Take a day off to tackle most of your tasks
If you have some days off a few months before the wedding, find a weekday when you’re free to settle things such as looking for your wedding outfits, venue, flowers, and so on. This will help take a load off your mind, instead of you having to scramble over the weekend or looking for spare time to tackle these tasks. Of course, make sure your fiance or helpers are available on the same day, too. 

Don’t get too fixated on the details
If you’re going with a hotel wedding, chances are, most of the items such as your flowers, invitations, and catering, are already settled. If that’s the case, don’t take on more tasks by insisting on customising your own decor or having your own invites, unless that’s extremely important. If there are some elements you’d like to include in your wedding stationery, you can always create your own save-the-dates, or wedding programme for the big day. 

De-bloat before the wedding
Whether you’re lactose intolerant or not, dairy products are one of the causes of bloating. Stay away from those at least three days before the wedding. Other ways to look less puffy on your big day: Drink hot lemon water in the morning, snack on a bowl of tropical fruit mid-morning, ditch the salt, and slow down while you’re eating.

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