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One of the very first activities most brides and grooms undertake when planning their wedding is sending out the all-important ‘save the date’ invites.  As invitations are only sent out two or three months before the big day, the save the date is a failsafe way to ensure that your nearest and dearest are all able to attend. Here are some creative ideas to make your save the dates stand out.

What are save the dates?
Save the dates not only ensure that the wedding date is well and truly etched into your friends’ diaries, but it also allows you to give a little taster to your guests of what awaits them. This whets their appetites by providing just a little hint of the feel and style of your big day. For example, you could use the colour scheme or particular pattern from your theme. Save the dates achieve this more successfully than invitations as they really contain very little information; you simply include the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding, allowing you to be as quirky as you like without getting too bogged down with words and details. Basically, the rules here are that there are no rules! Just be as creative and free as you wish. Here’s how to do it:

Save the Date Idea 1: Video clip
Using a video clip as a save the date has become hugely popular. What better way to inject a bit of personality into proceedings than a clip of you both, the bride and groom, sent straight to guests’ email inboxes? Sometimes romantic, more often than not funny, these are a quick way to communicate to your guests and also to really muster enthusiasm. If you are having a videographer at your wedding then you may want to include the clip in your negotiations to ensure you have a professional look, rather than filming it yourself. If you are feeling creative, however, then there is nothing to stop you having a go at making your own.

Save the Date Idea 2: Message in a bottle
Quixotic, but a rather sweet idea, don’t you think? A message in a bottle epitomises old-school romance and idealism – the exact things a wedding should be about! They may cost a little extra to send to your guests but they’ll certainly have more of an impact. You can buy small glass bottles (or opt for a non-breakable material if you’re sending it in the post), small corks and some colourful ribbon to tie around. Then simply roll up your message and pop it inside. These will be unexpected little quirks for your guests to keep in their home as a reminder of the forthcoming date.

Save the Date Idea 3: CD or DVD
Print or attach your save the date information directly onto a CD or DVD, or more simply, make a cover sleeve for the case with an image of you both and the date of your wedding. Then, onto a CD, include your favourite ‘couple tracks’ or perhaps the song you would like for your first dance. Or, if you would prefer to use a DVD, you could make a slideshow of your favourite couple photographs. You could even keep the cover blank so that when your guests pop the disc into their disc player, they are greeted with the surprise of your wedding date.

Save the Date Idea 4: Photography
Many photographers offer engagement shoots to bride and grooms and these are an excellent opportunity for brides and grooms to create a very personal save the date message for their guests. The bride or groom can hold a sign with the information that needs to be conveyed or this could be added in the form of a speech bubble or quirky caption. Why not try cutting out the date from a large piece of card then holding it up in front of a wall, for the sun to shine through and cast a shadow of your date? That would definitely be one for the photo album.

Save the Date Idea 5: Lasting reminder
Both a little gift for your wedding guests and a consistent reminder of your wedding date, save the date magnets, pencils, coasters and key rings are all quirky reminders of your wedding. It’s also nice knowing that they don’t just end up in the bin the way a traditional stationery version may. To be really different, why not consider a save the date handkerchief, embroidered with the essential details? This will double up nicely on the wedding day to dry those tears during the vows. Or how about a calendar? This can be used each day by your guests but with the bonus of your special day being highlighted so they don’t forget.

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