Samsung NX20 mirrorless system digital camera review DECORWhen we’re sent on a “press trip” we’re expected to not only produce a story for herworldPLUS and our sister publication Her World magazine; we’re also generally expected to take our own photos too.

Which is why using a camera like the new Samsung NX20 (pictured right) was an absolute life-saver on a recent trip to Bangkok. Not only could I snap fabulous, print-quality images of the event I was attending; but I could also immediately “post” for herworldPLUS on Facebook and Twitter – at the same time!

As the top of Samsung’s new NX Mirrorless System Cameras, the NX20 features the brand’s 20MP APS-C sensor, ISO100-12,800 sensitivity, eight frames per second maximum shooting speed and 1080/30fps Full-HD video shooting. This is no “happy-snappy” camera but an almost professional-level product that produces professional looking images.

The Samsung NX20 comes with built-in Wi-Fi which means you can connect to wireless networks without using an adaptor or card and automatically share the pictures directly from the camera to your Facebook or Picasa account; or even email them direct.

On top of this amazing connectivity, the Samsung NX20 is also surprisingly light and compact – it fits neatly into an average-sized hobo or satchel bag, for example.

You can also swap out lenses of various sizes depending on what you need to shoot. The camera comes with a handy Samsung 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS Lens which is pretty good for most shoots but you can invest in other lenses for specialties depending on what you’re into.

If you’re doing some yummy food pics you can use a macro lens like the Samsung -60mm f/2.8 Macro ED OIS SSA Lens (For NX Cameras); if you’re shooting a fashion show (like I was) then you can try the Samsung 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 ED OIS Lens (For NX Cameras) which gives you a huge variety of range.

The Samsung NX20 also has a built-in, TTL pop-up flash which is perfect if you’re not doing a lot of studio-type photos; but you can also buy one of the Samsung External Flashes available which mount to the camera’s hot shoe (try the SEF-42A flash or the SEF220A flash; they’re sold separately).

You can use the Samsung NX20 as a DSLR or on full-auto mode, using the Smart Auto 2.0 and the Smart Link Hot Key, the camera practically takes the photos for you.

The Samsung NX20 is the top of the Samsung NX Mirrorless System Camera line-up; the entry-level Samsung NX1000 has much of the same functionality but is smaller, lighter and comes in fashionista colours like pink and white, as well as classic black; the next one up is the Samsung NX210 which also has the same basic functions but is also more “retro” styled with its two-tone styling of black and silver.

All in all, the Samsung NX20 is a fabulous, easy-to-use semi-professional digital camera. Its wireless connectivity is an absolutely amazing function – especially since everyone is now intricately connected to the world via social media.

The compact shape, lightness and functions make the Samsung NX20 perfect for anyone who’s looking to upgrade from their phone as the main source of their Facebook images, as well as those who are looking to produce high-quality creative images – especially if you’re doing a lot of travelling.

And what fashionable woman wouldn’t want to look like they should be taken seriously while snapping away at fashion weeks around the world or at 5-star restaurants?

The Samsung NX20 Mirrorless System camera is available from good camera stores for $1,499. The Samsung NX1000 is available in white, pink and black for $999; the Samsung NX210 is available in black and two-tone metallic for $1,299.  For more information about Samsung cameras, go to