I’m not loyal to one workout. I’m one of those people who get bored doing one thing all the time. In order to change things up, I do a combination of yoga and running to keep my exercise routines interesting.

But there’s one activity I’ve never gotten bored of; clubbing. There’s just something about flashing lights and loud music in a dark room that keeps my adrenaline pumping and me dancing all night long.

So it was no surprise that I happily volunteered to try out a spinning class at the brand new 7Cycle studio. The first boutique indoor cycling studio in Singapore aims to give new meaning to the traditional spinning (indoor cycling) classes found in other gyms.

After hopping on a stationary bike to take part in a 45-minute 7Cycle Signature class, I tell you why this newest workout is super fun, effective and personalised!

Daniel (left) and Debbie (right), two of the nine fun instructors (or slave drivers) at 7Cycle. Credit: 7Cycle

Super fun
The two 7Cycle 45-minute classes – Signature and Road – are set in a dim studio with UV strobe lights flashing during the workout, creating a club-like environment. The soundtrack for each class is curated by the instructors. Get ready to pedal along to The Killers and Kellis if you attend R&B and pop-loving Daniel’s class or Debbie will set the pace for you as she blasts EDM, funk and soul through the speakers.

For a moment in the class, I thought I was in Zouk. I mean look at the UV lights! Credit: 7Cycle.

Before each class, you will be assigned a bicycle to use. The bike is rigged with a PerformaceIQ system to track your performance through wattage consoles. Your personal data like weight, age and gender will be collected when you register before your first 7Cycle class and fed into the system, so the more detailed information you provide the better. After each workout, you will receive a “Ride Performance” report telling you everything from the estimated calories you burned, the distance virtually covered on the bike and more details to tell you exactly just how hard or slack you worked out.

I haven’t manned up to try out the 7Cycle Bootcamp class yet – I heard it’s a killer. Credit: 7Cycle

This is no ordinary spin class. You don’t only work out your lower body during the 7Cycle Signature class. The full body workout involves moves with hand weights between the cardio intervals to tone up your upper body and core. I have to admit – although I picked the lightest weights before class, my biceps and triceps were shaking just after two minutes of arm exercises. Besides training up your cardio and endurance, the workout also throws in some strength boosting, making for well-rounded exercise.

Unlike in other gyms where you have the option to wear ordinary trainers or special clip-on shoes that you have to buy on your own, everyone’s fitted with complimentary clip-ons that actually help to increase the work your body does with each pedal. One of the instructors Debbie tells me that riders can burn anything from 300 to 800 calories in the 45 minutes classes, dependent on weight, age, gender and effort.

7Cycle is at 27 Boon Tat Street. Classes available are 7Cycle Signature and 7Cycle Road – both 45 minutes classes – and 7Cycle Bootcamp, a 35-minute high intensity training workout. One class is priced at $45 but classes can be purchases in bundles up to 50 classes, going to as low as $29 per class. For more information, go to 7cycle.sg. Follow the studio on Facebook at www.facebook.com/7cycle and Instagram at @7Cycle.