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Her World loves animals. Many of us are proud “mummies” to pets, and spend lunch hour discussing the best pooch cafes in town, or how well our pawkids take to the water. This month, we’re doing a special section focusing on adopted animals, because a shocking number of pets are abandoned: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) takes in up to 300 unwanted or abandoned pets each month. That’s about 3,600 animals in a year – approximately enough pets to fill the seats of four Airbus A380 planes! That’s why we’re inspired by these four Instagrammers who feature rescue critters. They make a case for why it’s better to head to the shelter instead of the pet store.




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From: Singapore 
Number of followers: 11,300 
Instagrammer JX frequently posts cheerful snapshots of her seven-year-old mongrel Donna, all dressed up to the (ca)nines – sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun! But this pooch’s story wasn’t always so happy. She was abused by a previous owner before being left at a shelter. Thankfully, she found a loving home with JX and her husband three years ago. Like any indulged furkid, Donna enjoys playdates with her doggy pals and gets cake on her birthday. Now that’s a dog’s life.




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From: Singapore 
Number of followers: 9,185 
What do you do when you have a very photogenic Japanese Spitz? You start an Instagram account for it, as 23-year-old Elin did for Cookie, whom she adopted in 2013. The pooch has such human expressions – he squints in the sun and has sleepy eyes when he’s tired. Like any millennial, Cookie enjoys chilling out in cafes, and indulging his foodie side with homemade bone broth. Interesting tidbit: Elin’s mother initially didn’t allow animals in the home, but softened after seeing Elin nurse an injured stray cat!




From: California, US 
Number of followers: 144,000 
This account will restore your faith in humanity. Managed by California girl Tish, it curates stories of rehomed cats, dogs and bunnies across the United States, and is filled with heart-warming anecdotes of acceptance and unconditional love between pet and owner. One of our faves is Pickles the one-eyed cat, who greets his human at the door every day. His owner divulges that he wasn’t the prettiest cat in the shelter, but was the friendliest and most laid-back. #reallove




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From: Colorado, US 
Number of followers: 513,000 
This is a photo journal of a family of nine dogs, a rabbit, several chickens and ducks and, oh, a pig called Bikini (we kid you not). The entire brood belongs to Steve, an American accountant who is passionate about giving senior animals a home. He photographs his “clan” queueing up for baths, huddling together at bedtime, and sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner. We’re especially touched by how he met his Chihuahua, nine-year-old Englebert, at a shelter. He learnt that Englebert had enough physical problems to fill a 10-page document, back legs that didn’t work, and only three teeth. But he figured that if he didn’t take him home, no one else would. Steve, if you’re single, call us!


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This story was first published in the June 2016 issue of Her World.