While art aficionados are cheered by huge art exhibitions like Art Stage Singapore, there’s more than one reason to attend this event; even for people unfamiliar with contemporary art.

In one single location, you’ll get to see a diverse range of art from 130 international galleries. You will be able to support and admire art from Singapore and the surrounding region too, with the art fair’s emphasis on its Asian identity; 75 per cent of the exhibited artworks are by Asian artists. You can also attend art talks hosted by artists, curators and critics if you’re keen on learning more about contemporary art.

I honestly believe that art can be appreciated and enjoyed by just about anyone. If you scoff at this idealistic statement, the following images may change your mind.

Art Stage Singapore 2012, Catherine Nelson Monets Garden Kyung Soo Kim: The full moon story at Art Stage  Art Stage Singapore 2012, Intertangle Paper No 2 by Wang Lei
Catherine Nelson’s Monet’s Garden, Kyung Soo Kim’s The full moon story
and Wang Lei’s Intertangle Paper No 2

Art can be beautiful, surely that’s easy to see. The art object itself inspires awe; the contentment of looking at an aesthetically pleasing sight.

Art Stage Singapore, Kate Mitchell, Being Puctual Art Stage Singapore, Singer: Gramophoniac by Bagus Pandega Art Stage Singapore 2012, Childhood - Horizon by Chen Wenling

Kate Mitchell’s Being Puctual, Bagus Pandega’s Singer: Gramophoniac and Chen Wenling’s Childhood — Horizon

Art can be playful and fun; these pieces easily bring a smile to your face.

Art Stage Singapore 2012, Jade by Zhu Xinyu Art Stage Singapore, Chiharu Shiota State of Being Art Stage Singapore 2012, Sound of the Sea

(L-R): Zhu Xinyu’s Jade, Chiharu Shiota’s State of Being and Paresh Maity’s Sound of the Sea

Art can be enigmatic, haunting and thought-provoking. Be it an individual’s crippling anxieties or the alienating nature of city life, these works can inspire a quiet, introspective moment.

Art can also be unsettling or even grotesque; you can’t walk away entirely unperturbed from these exhibits.

Art Stage Singapore, Dadang Christanto, S Plus Art Stage Singapore, I Made Wiguna Valasara, Mercy Mercy Mercy

Dadang Christanto’s S Plus and I Made Wiguna Valasara’s Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!

Art can embody all of the above characteristics — however contradictory — and more. Take a break from the shops for a refreshing change of scene.

Last year, I made the mistake of showing up late in the evening for Art Stage Singapore. This art fair is massive and there’s really a lot of see. It was truly a pity to have to rush through the galleries at closing hour.

Wear shoes meant for walking in and show up earlier in the day to wander around the art fair at ease. If you’ve the time, attend the event on two separate days; you’ll be better rested and more patient to admire the works at your own leisure.

The best part? The Bayfront and Marina Bay Circle Line MRT stations are now open, so travelling to Marina Bay Sands is a cinch, and cheap, on public transport.

Art Stage Singapore runs from January 12 to 15 at the Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Halls. Tickets are priced between $10 to $60. Go to www.artstagesingapore.com for more information.