#1 You get to travel in uninterrupted silence

People are a lot less likely to approach you in public, which means strangers are less likely to try and engage you in conversation. As most of us ladies know, being plugged into music isn’t enough of a deterrent on its own when it comes to unwanted attention, which is where RBF comes in handy. Whether it’s dancing with friends at a club, or just riding the MRT to work, it’s not unusual to want to be left alone. You probably also get to enjoy sitting by yourself on a bus, with other seats filling up before someone deigns to sit by you.


#2 It gives you the strength to say no

You know those really pushy sales people who work at beauty kiosks and go to great lengths to lure you in? They are a lot less likely to approach you if you’re blessed with RBF, and even if they do, all you need to do is to let your RBF empower you and say no. Don’t forget to keep walking, no matter the response. And if this gives you the confidence to be less of a pushover in other aspects of your life, then more power to you!


#3 You appear to control your emotions really well

It’s not that you lack emotion, it’s that you lack expressiveness – which can be an underrated advantage, especially in situations where giving away your emotions can put you at a disadvantage. Your boss pissing you off at work? RBF gives you the ability to compose yourself in face-to-face situations so that you remain completely professional when giving a response. And who knows, you may find that this “skill” will stand you in good stead during rounds of Poker with your friends.


#4 Fewer people expect you to be nice

In fact, it’s almost a treat when you’re outwardly nice to someone. It’s even fun when people realise that they’ve made a huge mistake in their judgment of you and that you’re really quite a sweetheart – the opposite of a b*tch. There’s nothing wrong with saving your smiles and niceties for the people who deserve them, anyway.


#5 Your face is less prone to smile lines

This is especially pertinent for anyone obsessed with looking as smooth and ageless as possible. With RBF, your face muscles are doing what they do best: Resting. By showing less expression, you’re also going to keep those smile lines off your face for a little longer. And just because you aren’t smiling doesn’t mean you should be frowning, because that completely defeats the purpose of trying for fewer fine lines.