New iPadAmerican consumers who purchased Apple’s latest iPad cite the high-resolution retina display as the device’s best feature but dislike the hefty price tag. 

The results came from a survey published on April 2. The survey was conducted by ChangeWave Research, a service of 451 Research, over the period March 22-28 among 2,000 consumers who purchased the new iPad.

Consumers were asked what they “like[ed] best” and “what they dislike[d] most” about the new iPad; each respondent was allowed to choose a maximum of three answers.

75 per cent of respondents cited the “high-resolution retina display” as their favorite feature of the new device, followed by “long battery life” in a distant second place with 22 percent and “4G LTE capability” in third place with 21 percent.

In terms of dislikes, the hefty price tag, around US$499 (approximately S$627.22), topped the list, irritating 26 per cent of respondents, followed by the “cost of the wireless data plan,” which 23 per cent of respondents disliked.

The “size/weight” of Apple’s new device and the “amount of flash memory storage” were seen as jointly unlikeable by 8 percent of respondents.

On March 20 the new iPad was criticized by Consumer Reports, which found that the device reached temperatures of 116 degrees Fahrenheit (46.6 Celsius) while running the action game Infinity Blade II.

This temperature was significantly higher than that reached on the iPad 2 and was identified by seven per cent of respondents as something they disliked about the device.

The top responses when asked “What do you like best about the new iPad?”:

01.   High-resolution retina display (75 per cent)
02.   Long battery life (22 per cent)
03.   4G LTE capability (21 per cent)
04.   Speed of device/ faster processor (20 per cent)
05.   5 mega pixel iSight Camera (18 per cent)
06.   Number of apps (13 per cent)
07.   Ease of use (12 per cent)
08.   Dictation/ voice recognition feature (10 per cent)
09.   Screen size (9 per cent)
10.   Size/weight (9 per cent)

The top responses when asked “What do you dislike most about the new iPad?”:

01.   Cost of the new iPad (26 per cent)
02.   Cost of wireless data plan (23 per cent)
03.   Size/weight (8 per cent)
04.   Amount of flash memory storage (8 per cent)
05.   Integration with other devices (7 per cent)
06.   Excessive heat coming from the device (7 per cent)
07.   Battery life too short (6 per cent)