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The beer pint shaped tentage was teeming with people on Friday, September 27, 2013, as 1,759 people showed up at the Promontory @ Marina Bay to celebrate Guinness Arthur’s Day.

Held against the backdrop of the Marina Bay skyline, the concert venue had people of all ages chugging on pints of Guinness and snacking on kebabs from Shiraz while waiting for the concert to start.

At 8.15pm, as the crowd raised their pint of Guinness and gave a toast to the founder of Guinness while cheering for The Fray, the four-man band walked up onto the stage and promptly kicked off the concert, greeting the cheering crowd with a “What’s up Singapore!”

issac slade.png

Dressed casually in t-shirts, jeans and black outerwear, the band launched straight into “Hold My Hand”, “Syndicate and “All At Once”, and had the crowd falling in love with Issac Slade’s husky vocals.

“You know what I could use right now? A nice, long, tall pint of Guinness,” Slade laughed and led the crowd in another toast for Arthur.

Slade went straight into “You Found Me” next, obviously a crowd favourite as everyone started singing along, and there were even some people jumping in rhythm during the chorus.

Dave Welsh.png

The Fray hyped the audience up even more as their songs started getting more upbeat, with the band performing “Turn Me On”, which was coupled with a “sick” drum solo by Ben Wysocki.

“You guys are singers!” Slade exclaimed as cheers resounded, before crooning to “Look After You”. A piano intro made a smooth transition into “How To Save a Life”, one of the band’s hit songs, then progressed into a three-minute long instrumental as Slade stripped off his outerwear revealing a grey muscle tank underneath.

issac piano.png

Slade got on the piano and performed “Vienna”, and teased the screaming crowd as he sprayed water over them before moving into “Here We Are”. He then proudly showed off his newfound Singaporean knowledge, “Am I supposed to say, how was your day la?”

“I’ll never understand you people,” he chuckled, “Can I get a lesson afterwards [in Singlish]?”

ben wysocki.png

The band never forgot anyone in the audience, as Slade jumped up on a speaker after singing “Over My Head”, addressing the crowd at the back of the concert hall, then signing a heart as he crooned “Heartbeat” after saying the three words that warmed everyone’s hearts, “We love you!”

The Fray then gave the audience a sneak preview of their new songs, “Wherever This Goes” and “Hold My Hand”, and left the stage abruptly, shocking the audience as they hollered for an encore.

The shouts for an encore turned into shrieks of happiness and Issac Slade re-entered the stage and performed a piano solo of “Be Still”. As the rest of the band joined him, Issac Slade got even more love from the crowd as he made them feel special, “We’ve been all over Asia and no one is like you,” he grinned before going into “The Fighter” and “Never Say Never”.

Joe King.png

Just when everyone thought it was over, Joe took over the mike and closed the performance with “Ungodly Hour”, and as everyone swayed along, his parting speech tugged on the heartstrings on each and everyone one at the concert.

“It’s completely worth flying 40 hours here and back for you guys,” Joe smiled as the audience broke into applause.

The Fray performed 17 songs over one and a half hours in Singapore. From the smiles that lit up everyone’s face and how they were hanging around the venue discussing the concert excitedly after it had ended, the band had definitely put on an amazing show.

The Guinness Arthur’s Day concert was held on September 27, 2013. For more information on Guinness, visit its website at Alternatively, you can follow the brand on Facebook at, Twitter @Guinness_SG. For information on The Fray, visit their website at, and follow them on Facebook at, and Twitter @TheFray.