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If you’re on a budget: THE HAVEN BALI SEMINYAK 

Why this hotel is hot: It’s right inside the buzzing Seminyak district and a short stroll to the beach; has its own charming lap pool flanked by tropical palms; and costs less than S$100 a night you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal than that!

While it may not be as plush as the other resorts, this one’s firmly in the full-service hotel category. All your creature comforts are present: En-suite bathtubs and hair dryers in every room; a flat-screen TV; complimentary wi-fi; and 24-hour front desk service. 

“Standard” amenities aside, isn’t the whole point of staying in Seminyak about being able to go out and experience the town? You’re better off spending time outside of your room: Think shopping around the quaint little boutiques; dining at the Aussie-inspired brunch spots; lazing around the beach; and of course, partying the night away in Seminyak’s smattering of trendy bars. 

From S$67 a night for two guests. Visit


If you want something mid-range: INTERCONTINENTAL BALI RESORT

The international chain has just refurbished the guest rooms at its Jimbaran Bay resort, so now is as good a time as any to experience the snazzy new digs. 

Besides updating the interiors with a modern accents of Balinese culture think contemporary brushstroke paintings of Balinese dances, headboards with lattice patterns inspired by traditional doorways, and pendant lights that borrow decorative elements from local architecture the rooms have also been given a tech overhaul. Each reburbished room now boasts a high-definition smart TV, so you can stream your favourites movies and TV shows directly from your smartphones and tablets. 

And if getting a relaxing massage al fresco in a pavillion overlooking the beach sounds like the perfect vacay activity, Intercontinental’s Spa Uluwatu will have you well taken care of.

From US$192.08 a night for two guests. Visit


For a splash of luxury: AYANA RESORT AND SPA BALI

Home to the Rock Bar Bali, the iconic beach bar that’s highly sought-after for the jaw-dropping gorgeousness of its sunset hour, Ayana Resort and Spa Bali has some of the most strategically located pools with truly spectacular views. 

The Ocean Beach Pool is where the action’s at. Set along the same cliff-side terrace as Rock Bar, the overall effect is as if the pool were hanging over the Indian Ocean just so, with the waves crashing below. It’s reserved for hotel guests only, so your happy frolicking will likely receive envious looks from the merrymakers at the adjacent Rock Bar! 

If you’d rather seek out a tranquil sanctuary, head for the Main Pool, the largest pool in the resort with an expansive infinity edge; or make your way down to the hotel’s stretch of Kubu Beach and get close to the turquoise waters of the sea itself. 

From US$311.11 a night for two guests. Visit


If money’s not an issue: COMO SHAMBHALA ESTATE 

When it comes to wellness retreats, the Como chain is truly in a class of its own. The Como Shambhala Estate, set inside a lush Ubud jungle and overlooking the river Ayung, is the ultimate pampering back-to-nature getaway. 

There’s a wealth of complimentary activities for guests, such as yoga classes and guided nature walks. If you’re ready for more physically intensive activities, you can arrange a fitness session with the in-house specialists and take advantage of the estate’s outdoor jungle gym and climbing wall. Sporty types can also hike up Mount Batur in the wee hours to catch the sunrise; go mountain biking; or even try your hand at white-water rafting. 

And there’s no better time to give your diet a healthy reboot than during your stay at Como Shambhala. Glow, the hotel’s signature restaurant, is all about clean eating with its offering of delicious yet healthful dishes that span East and West flavours. 

If you’re open to alternative wellness therapies, you can also book an appointment with the in-house Ayurvedic doctor or have a session of chakra healing. 

From US$542 a night for two guests. Visit