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It is the most liberating feeling to travel solo.

Think of it as your very own Eat Pray Love experience: Solo female traveller, riveting adventures, and a heavy dose of TLC for no one other than yourself.

But travelling alone comes with its own set of challenges too.

That’s why you need a helping hand in the form of apps that do everything from finding tours and activities near you, to finding other compatible female travel companions.

It makes the idea of travelling solo less daunting.

Check out the best apps every woman should download before they embark on their solo holiday below.

Citymapper Transit Navigation: To help you find your way around town

Map out your route with this navigation app, and you’ll have no trouble finding your way around a foreign country or city.

The Uber-integrated app makes navigating unfamiliar territory easy, by providing real-time departure timings on public transport systems, transit maps, line status and real-time disruption alerts.

The app covers many major cities in Europe, USA, Australia, and Asia.

Tourlina: To make friends with other female travellers

Travelling alone may be an empowering experience, but it can get lonely at times.

That’s where Tourlina comes in.

The women-only app matches travellers with mutual interests, destinations and travelling time, so you can arrange a meet-up.

Users are thoroughly checked by the app, giving you peace of mind that you have a secure and trusted network of travel companions to choose from.

TripWhistle Global SOS: The safety app for when you feel in danger

Safety should always be a top priority when travelling solo.

If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, TripWhistle Global SOS will connect you to local emergency police, fire, and ambulance numbers anywhere in the world with a single tap of a button.

The app will also swiftly provide critical information of your whereabouts to emergency responders while also granting live access to your location to your loved ones.

Peek Tours and Activities: To discover and book the best activities

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If you’re completely lost for ideas as to where to go or what to do, Peek Tours and Activities will find recommended activities and must-see tours to keep you well-entertained.

A “handpicked activities” function helps determine and narrow down a few select activities at the best prices according to your interests, based on just a quick quiz.

There are also categories such as “Off the beaten path” and “Walking tours” so you’ll be able to discover a city in the most unique way.

Peek Tours and Activities is available in 17 major US regions, Cabo, Cancun, London and Paris.

Redzone Map: To help you avoid high-crime areas

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When you’re out exploring every nook and cranny of a new city, there may be certain areas that are more dangerous than others. Redzone Map informs you of approaching high-crime areas, based on crime data sourced from the local police, the government, and other users. The app helps to generate safe routes for you to reach your destination, with as little risk involved as possible. It also provides live alerts on geo-tagged shootings, assaults, thefts and more in the city you’re in, so that you can be in the know always.