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Are you willing to pay more for extra leg space every time you travel on flights out of Singapore on your adventure around the world? Besides the usual Economy Class that the average traveller goes for, there is also the Premium Economy option available for us on certain flights. Like its name suggests, Premium Economy is essentially the premium version of Economy Class where you get to enjoy greater comfort on flights that will inevitably make your trip a more pleasant one.

Let highlight the perks that you get to enjoy with some esteemed airlines’ Premium Economy options as well as how much leg space you will get to stretch your legs and get comfortable in.

1. Air New Zealand

Possibly the largest amongst airlines in the world, the luxurious leather seats with extendable foot support and leg rest in Air New Zealand’s Premium Economy Class let travellers enjoy a whopping 41 inches of seat pitch (read: the distance from one point on one seat to the exact same point on the seat in front or behind it) and 9 inches of recline coupled with a wide armrest between seats.

To make the flight experience an even better one than it already is, travellers get to pick from in-flight menus (specially crafted by award-winning chef Peter Gordon that feature New Zealand’s finest produce) and indulge in New Zealand wines, in addition to premium check-in, priority boarding as well as baggage upon arrival in your holiday destination. Did I mention that travellers in Premium Economy Class can get comfortable with the self-service refreshment bar onboard as well?

2. Singapore Airlines

But of course, this list of ours wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include our national carrier, Singapore Airlines. The seats in Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy Class boast a 38 inches seat pitch, 8-inch recline, and seat width ranging from 18.5 inches to 19.5 inches. In comparison to the standard Economy Class seats on Singapore Airlines’ planes, Premium Economy offers an extra 6 inches of seat pitch for you to stretch out your legs.

Truly a world-class airline, you can expect amazing perks including priority check-in and boarding to baggage handling, extra stowage space right next to you, Premium Economy Book the Cook dishes plus a selection of champagne or wine to your liking in addition to charging ports, a fully adjustable personal reading lamp and more.

3. All Nippon Airways

Better known as ANA, its Premium Economy seats offer enhanced comfort for travellers with a spacious 38 inches of seat pitch and 19.3 inches of seat width, affixed with comfy footrests and legrests, USB port universal PC power port, adjustable personal light and more. Additionally, travellers with Premium Economy tickets get to enjoy extra perks such as priority baggage and free airport lounge access.

4. China Southern Airlines

With the standard Premium Economy seats boasting a seat pitch of around 38 inches across most airlines that offer this cabin class, the one that China Southern Airlines offers runs on the smaller side of things. For China Southern Airlines’ A330 Premium Economy Class that provides more space for travellers, its seat pitch ranges from 35 inches to 37 inches.

If you are flying long-haul, pillows and blankets will be provided. Although you will have slightly less leg space in China Southern Airlines’ Premium Economy Class compared to the above-mentioned airlines’ Premium Economy Class, take heart that you can expect warm, professional and considerate service from their flight attendants.


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