Her World interview: Amelyn Beverly

Amelyn Beverly has the most inspirational Instagram account @amebeverly and has made it her job (we’re not jealous or anything) to travel the world and blog about it.  Here’s the lowdown on how she made her dreams a reality, carved her own career path and delivers some awesome tips and hacks for all budding travellers.


What made you start off as a travel content creator?

I’ve always been passionate about traveling and photography and I wanted a platform to share my stories. I’ve always had a blog and when Instagram was introduced to the world, I started sharing my photos there too.


How have you built your brand to what it is today?

When Instagram first launched, I was still in college. I remember posting mostly OOTDs, café photos and travel photos when I’m on holiday. After I graduated, I decided to go full-time as a travel creator. My content centers around travel, style and love. Sharing my photos online attracted a small group of people and it grew to where it is today.



What’s your weirdest travel experience to date?

I wouldn’t say I had a weird experience yet, but I do have interesting experiences. When we went snorkeling in Cebu, our local guide dived to the bottom of the sea and picked up a ‘grape-like’ looking grass/algae and told us it was edible. We ate it and it tasted horrible.

What’s the most expensive country you’ve been to?

It definitely has to be Dubai. One cup of bubble tea was SGD12, but I still bought it anyway.


Where in the world would you like to retire, and why pick that country? 

USA! As my sisters live there, I’ve always felt at home when I go back to the States. You have the desert, the mountains, the city, there’s pretty much everything in the States.




What’s your favourite place to recommend for an ‘idyllic’ holiday?

Hands down the Maldives! The people are so friendly, you have everything you need on the island and you get beautiful views of the sea everywhere you turn. I can’t even tell you how beautiful the sunset is.


Best city for a mini break?

Bangkok is one of my favorite cities for a quick break, I visit Thailand at least 2 times a year and I don’t think I will ever get bored. San Francisco is another one of my favorite cities if you’re in the USA! We usually take a drive to SF during the weekend. We’ll get ourselves some clam chowder and take a walk down the pier. It’s pretty relaxing and it’s a lovely city to explore.




Any hacks to get cheap flights / cheap hotel deals?

I have the Singapore Airlines app on my phone, and I’m constantly checking the fare deals for cheaper flight tickets.

As for tickets to overseas attractions, Changi Recommends is pretty much my go-to platform for getting most of my travel planning settled. This includes sorting out my transportation, and even getting tickets to overseas attractions in advance so I have more time to explore these attractions rather than spend a bulk of the time queuing to get in! Tickets bought through Changi Recommends are also up to 40% cheaper than over-the-counter prices, which help with saving on some travel expenses. I’ve gotten my Dubai desert experience, my Disneyland tickets and all my Wi-Fi routers from Changi Recommends.

For accommodation, I use Airbnb or the HotelsCombined app. HotelsCombined compares prices from all the top travel sites in one search. It saves you so much time.



Top 5 travel tips as a frequent traveller:

  • I like to plan my destinations at least a year ahead! By planning ahead, it gives you time to research and move the destinations around according to the weather.
  • Also, staying connected on the go is really important as it allows me to contact my family and interact with my followers in real time. I love the ChangiWifi routers as they work great and are super affordable, starting from only $5/day, plus it allows up to five or six devices to be connected, meaning more cost savings when travelling with friends. Though last-minute reservation of routers is available, my tip would be to book the ChangiWifi routers early, at least a few weeks in advance as the routers can be really popular especially during peak travelling season. The router is handy and portable for travelling and it doesn’t weigh much at all.
  • Bring a small pouch of medication everywhere you go. You’ll never know when you’ll get sick and it’s really helpful when you have medication with you.
  • I saw this online and it was a really great tip from a cop, pack in a door stopper when you travel and shove it under the door before you head to bed.
  • Pre-plan your outfits! In that way, you’ll never under or over pack. I plan my outfits according to location and it makes it so much easier.


All photos from Instagram/Amebeverly