While a small baggage weight might seem like a daunting feat, the perks of skipping the baggage claim lines and the ease of travelling light make the arduous attempt to fit a week’s worth of clothes rather worth it. To save you from scrambling for ideas to make the impossible happen, here is how to pack enough in a 7kg carry-on for a week-long holiday.

1. Plan, Baby, Plan

Let’s get right down to the basics. With the small baggage allowance constraining the things you can bring along with you on your vacation, there is no luxury of choice. Planning then comes as a saving grace that lets us get the fabulous looks we want while not limiting ourselves with the small variety of choice.We recommend taking note of the items you are planning on bringing, and then listing down the various combinations and permutations that can be derived from just those few items. This would make us bring the things we actually need and want to wear and eliminate all the extraneous ‘just in case’ clothes that we more often than not end up not including in our vacation outfits. Plus, you’d need lesser time to get ready in the mornings and more chances to hit the snooze button.

2. Trusty Ol’ Jeans

Depending on your destination of choice, shorts or long trousers might fit into the packing list. Regardless, everyone needs a good pair of jeans on their trip. Suited for almost any weather, denim jeans are a great way for you to create different looks without doing much. Pair it with a t-shirt and sneakers and you are good for a day out exploring. But wear it with a fancier top and some heels or booties, and you’re all dressed up and ready to party.

3. Pack for Matching

A key to packing light for a trip is versatility. Packing to mix and match is a great way to guide you in choosing the most versatile clothes for the best outfits. While a jumpsuit might fit the bill for a chic day at the museum, people might notice if you wear the same thing on your next day out exploring the city. Packing separate tops and bottoms allow you to mix and match, creating different outfit combinations that are stylish yet economical in your luggage space. Refer to the first point on how to make sure all your ensembles are on point.

4. Two Shoes Maximum

We have all been there. We have all gone crazy on the shoes. While sandals with a black strap might give off a different vibe than the ones in brown, a 7kg carry-on doesn’t grant us with the privilege of a wide selection of choice. Keep things practical and functional and pick your most comfortable and versatile pair of shoes. White sneakers might be a good choice for this one. For the other, pick out something that you might wear to a nicer spot, say for a dinner appointment. Strappy sandals, low-heel slip-ons or even loafers might be a good fit. Now, you have the basics you need for a casual long day out as well as a for a night out at a fancy restaurant on your vacation.

5. Wear Thicker Clothes on the Plane

Sometimes, the weather of your destination doesn’t permit an effortless folding of clothes into tiny piles. The trick here is to just not pack your thickest clothes and bulkiest shoes in your suitcase. Instead, wear it on the day you board the plane. With the exception of winter jackets, rest assured that the plane’s and airport’s air-conditioning will help you brave through hours of being in a thick sweater. If you still worried about feeling a little too warm, wear a t-shirt underneath so that you can easily take the sweater off when you are lounging at the airport or relaxing on the plane. Layer and plan strategically and you will be good to go.

6. Skim On the Toiletries

The reality is that if you want to pack light, toiletries such as lotions and bath bombs have to be left behind. They not only take up a lot of space, but lotions and other liquid products also add a hefty weight to your precious load. For your one-week vacation, a face wash and toothbrush will suffice. You can always purchase travel-sized bottles of the other things you need at the destination. More often than not, the Airbnb or hotel you are staying at would provide basic necessities such as soaps and towels. Talk about saving space and money.

7. Disposables for the Win

We all know that going with a 7kg luggage bag doesn’t mean that we will come back home with a 7kg one. When clothes are pretty and snacks are tasty and cheap, we always wish that we anticipated our spending habits and made room for bringing some of these goodies home. To use the space and weight we have effectively, purchase disposable items such as shavers, toothbrush and underwear. You can bring them, use them and dispose them after use, so whilst you’ll have all the things that you need during the trip, you get to free up some space in your bag for your flight back home. And that means, more souvenirs for the people back home.

8. Keep It Easy On The Electronics

Modern times call for modern dependencies. While we are all needy with our beloved laptops and tablets, not every one of them can fit into our limited 7kg bag, especially if they are well over 1.5kg. For a week’s trip, a phone should be sufficient in satisfying your social media needs as well as doubling as an iPod to accompany your journey to your destination. While it might be hard to let go of the laptop, let me remind you that you are on a vacation for a reason, and that translates to fun, fun, fun and no work. Yes, work emergencies may arise now and then, but you have your trusty internet cafes and hotel services to fall back on. Besides, you can still check your emails on your phone, but we’re not recommending that.