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1. Bring an empty water bottle. Instead of buying expensive bottled water at the airport or on-board, fill your own bottle at the water fountain once you’re inside the gate or at the water dispenser on the plane.

2. Use contact lens cases for creams. Don’t have travel-sized containers for your moisturiser, cleanser, toothpaste and liquid foundation? No worries. Contact lens cases are a great substitute if you have a couple of extra ones lying around. Just make sure they’re clean before filling them.

3. Pack healthy snacks. Airline snacks aren’t always healthy, and if you’re flying budget, they can cost a pretty penny. Carry your own dry snacks to munch on – think nuts, dried fruit, popcorn and muesli bars.

4. Pack a couple of tennis balls in your carry-on bag. Mid-flight, take them out and place one under each foot. Roll your feet over them, ensuring that the ball crosses your arch. This mini massage eases the muscles in your feet, helping you feel more relaxed.

5. Take a photo of your luggage before checking it in. If your bag gets lost and turns up at another airport, this will make it easy for airport staff to identify it.

6. Invest in a luggage tracker. Wherever you travel, make sure your bags go with you. There are many trackers on the market and they all work pretty much the same way – just place the device in your luggage and you’ll be able to track it anywhere in the world using your smart phone.

7. Use a duffel bag carry-on. Boxy hard-cases can be cumbersome to lug around. A duffel bag is easier to handle, plus, because it’s soft, it can be squeezed into cramped overhead compartments.

8. Head left at the security checkpoint. Most people instinctively turn right, so make your way to the farthest left checkpoint if you want a shorter line.

9. Save time at the security checkpoint. Remove your belt and jewellery, and empty your pockets of coins ahead of time. It’ll make clearance a breeze.

10. For the smoothest flight … If you hate turbulence, morning flights are supposed to be less bumpy.

11. For a restful night’s sleep on-board … Wake up earlier the morning of your flight and try to fit in a workout a couple of hours before leaving for the airport. You’ll be physically tired by the time you get on the plane and more likely to doze off.

12. Take a screenshot of your mobile boarding pass. This will come in handy in case your WiFi service drops out at the gate or the airline’s app is down.

13. Download your airline’s app. Be sure to turn on Notifications to receive updates about your flight, such as last-minute delays or gate changes.

14. Get a day pass into the airline lounge. Not a frequent flyer or VIP traveller? No problem. Some airlines sell day passes to their lounges. Or visit a website like, which sells affordable passes to airport lounges around the world. This is especially useful if you have to transit for more than a couple of hours at an airport where there’s not much to see or do.

15. Got a travel-related complaint? Take it to Twitter. Don’t wait until you get to your destination to email a lengthy complaint to the airport or airline (you probably won’t get a reply, anyway). Tweet it instead. Most airlines and airports have teams that are dedicated to monitoring these organisations’ social media feed. Tweeting about a flight delay or a rude ground staff member is likely to get you an instant response, and who knows – your feedback may even score you a free seat upgrade.

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