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We all know about the Myers-Briggs personality test or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). (If you haven’t taken it yet, here’s where you can find out which of the 16 personality types you are.)

It’s hard to get into detail on this complicated and intricate personality inventory, but basically, the MBTI consists of four sets of letters.

E and I are for Extraversion and Introversion, which indicate whether you derive energy from being around people or spending time alone respectively.

S and N are for Sensing and Intuition, which indicate whether you are more aware of concrete facts and details or prefer to rely on your intuition and look at the big picture.

T and F are for Thinking and Feeling, which indicate whether you make decisions based on logical analysis or your values and the sake of harmony among the people involved.

J and P are for Judging and Perceiving, which indicate whether you prefer your life to be well planned out or to keep your options open and go with the flow.

Whether you’re an independent critical thinker like an INTJ or a fun-loving thrill-seeker like an ESFP, understanding your personality type can help you gravitate towards the things that fulfil you and thus live your most meaningful life while being true to yourself.

That applies to the places you travel and your travelling style too. Your Myers-Briggs personality type can shed light on which locale would be a perfect fit for you. Find out below which places to add to your travel list, based on your MBTI.


1. INFP: The Idealist

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Go to: Venice, Italy

Venice feels like a city removed from the rest of the world, still grand and beautiful despite looking a little worn these days. There are awe-inspiring monuments such as the San Marco’s Basilica and Teatro la Fenice, a labyrinthe of winding alleys that reveal one-of-a-kind stores, as well as the city-wide masquerade festival (Carnevale di Venezia) that will make you feel like you’ve indeed entered another world.

This is definitely a place for dreamers and romantics.

The imaginative INFP will be drawn to this stunning city that inspires the imagination and evokes fresh ideas.


2. ISFP: The Artist

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Go to: Florence, Italy

For the ISFP, travel is a wonderful dreamy adventure — even better if the trip involves lots of cultural and/or historical attractions. Where better to visit than a city with some of the greatest Renaissance art, including the famous works of Michelangelo and Raphael?

Get delightfully lost in this art-soaked city, where impressive palaces, cathedrals, and sculptures can be found around every corner.


3. ENFP: The Inspirer

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Go to: Boracay, the Philippines

Life’s a party to an ENFP, and everyone is invited to it. With an inherent zest for life, the ENFP is always looking out for new adventures, and often seeks stimulation from activities involving lots of people.

A place like Boracay would be a paradise for the free-spirited ENFP, as there are plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities for thrillseekers, including parasailing, cliff-diving, surfing and rave clubbing.


4. ESFP: The Performer

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Go to: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

For the ESFP, a rewarding vacation is one that involves a sense of adventure. ESFPs don’t like to abide by an itinerary, and would prefer to go wherever their mood takes them. They are spontaneous and adaptable travellers who appreciate flexibility.

Rio de Janeiro has all the life and chaos that an ESFP can handle and appreciate. Not only does it boast scenic beaches, it also offers the vibrancy of a South American metropolis.

The intrepid and street-smart ESFP not only has the chops to take on the treks and tours of the Amazon basin, but also navigate the Brazilian streets.


5. INTP: The Thinker

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Go to: London, England

INTPs are drawn to destinations where they can explore new cultures, ideas, and ways of life. They might even pursue long-term jet-setting lifestyles. Their thinking and intuitive side enjoy the digital nomad life, which makes London a stimulating city for them.

It offers fresh attractions, museum exhibitions, and events all year round, as well as historic monuments and serene gardens when INTPs need to recharge their introvert batteries. With novelty stores, tea shops, and pubs, the INTP will also get a chance to meet new people when they’re feeling sociable.


6. ISTP: The Mechanic

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Go to: Iceland

When travelling, ISTPs like to explore with their senses. They are curious but rational, which makes them highly adaptable to new environments. They are also independent and inclined to forge their own paths, so places off the beaten track appeal to them, especially places close to nature that they can explore on foot.

Iceland’s gorgeous scenery and gamut of outdoor activities make it the ideal place for the ISTP to connect with nature and unwind.


7. ENTP: The Visionary

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Go to: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Quick-thinking ENTPs dread mundanity and routine. They like to be energised by their environment, and the city needs to be fast-paced enough to match their speed.

They enjoy being busy, packing as many activities in their itinerary as possible, and are stimulated by meeting new people, discovering new places and things, going on adventures and catching spectacular views. The perfect vacation spot for them is therefore Buenos Aires, where the people are friendly, the food is piquant and the nightlife is exciting.


8. ESTP: The Doer

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Go to: Bali, Indonesia

Perhaps the boldest and most spontaneous of all the personalities, ESTPs are best known for being quick on their feet, adventurous, fiercely independent and sometimes a little impulsive. YOLO is their mantra.

Bali, aside from its sun, sea, and sand, offers a range of outdoor activities that will appeal to the ESTP. From the Waterbom water park to a jungle safari, Aling-Aling natural waterfall slide to a monkey forest, Bali has enough spills and thrills to keep the ESTP’s heart racing.



If you rather the stars decide for you your next travel destination: 

9. INFJ: The Protector

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Go to: Copenhagen, Denmark

INFJs don’t always require a jam-packed itinerary for a fulfilling journey. They are content to take their time to explore and wander around the streets, putting their intuition and decision-making skills to good use. They are also more free-wheeling than INTJs (more on them below), and prefer less meticulous planning before and when they travel.

Copenhagen is a great fit for the INFJ. Aside from the measured pace of life there, its clean and efficient public transport system and orderliness makes it easy to get around. Copenhagen’s abundance of cafes is also ideal for the INFJ to spend pensive afternoons chilling with a book or people-watching over a cup of coffee.


10. ISFJ: The Nurturer

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Go to: Budapest, Hungary

ISFJs possess a unique combination of traits that create balanced personalities – they are highly analytical, perceptive, open to new ideas, and, despite being introverts, have strong people skills. They like to ruminate on the history and culture of a place, even after the trip has ended.

Budapest is one city that complements them well, with its nice balance of historic sites that document their tumultuous past, wine cellars to taste traditional Hungarian wine, shabby-chic “ruin pubs”, and (literal) hotspots like the thermal baths.


11. ENFJ: The Giver

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Go to: Melbourne, Australia

ENFJs love and crave human interaction. They seek places that can satisfy their outgoing personality, where people are as warm and chatty and laidback as they are. Melbourne is one such place; everyone is a friend there. The locals are friendly and baristas are always up for small talk.

While it’s also a city, Melbourne does not go at a frenetic pace. It has plenty of homegrown businesses, particularly in the suburbs, where the ENFJ can make new friends while café-hopping.


12. ESFJ: The Caregiver

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Go to: Bangkok, Thailand

ESFJs are the life of the party. Their outgoing nature and infectious vibe make them fun travel companions. These walking balls of energy will enjoy the bustle of Bangkok, with its street food, tourist-favourite packed-to-the-gills Chatuchak weekend market, and the famous floating market.

But there’s more to Bangkok then just shopping and eating. The city is home to many magnificent temples, colourful nightlife (discos and cabarets), and even an elephant sanctuary that will keep the ESFJ engaged.


13. INTJ: The Scientist

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Go to: Morocco

Known for being highly analytical and meticulous, INTJs seek to learn and understand everything they can about a place they visit – even prior to the trip. They have a deep thirst for knowledge and often enjoy solo trips to history- or culture-rich destinations. They have no interest in guided tours or visiting tourist traps, preferring to forge their own paths instead.

Morocco is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the medina of Marrakesh, and archaeological site of Volubilis. Aside from exploring these famous ancient sites, INTJs might enjoy trekking through the Torda Gorge, paying a visit to the Hassan Il Mosque, or going shutter-happy at the blue streets of Chefchaouen.


14. ISTJ: The Duty Fulfiller

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Go to: Kyoto, Japan

ISTJs rely heavily on their senses and judgement, which means they tend to find the most measured approach in any situation. They like to travel slow and steady, armed with well-planned itineraries that satisfy their cultural curiosity, so they are usually drawn to historical sites, museums, and galleries.

Kyoto is the ISTJ’s best bet. Its tranquil temples, a rich blend of history and architectural beauty, have attracted travellers for centuries, along with its novelty craft shops that line the streets. Navigating the city is also easy and convenient thanks to the extensive network of trains and subways, which the order-loving ISTJ would appreciate.


15. ENTJ: The Leader

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Go to: Mauritius

ENTJs are go-getters to whom nothing is impossible. They love places that offer two different types of holidays — a laidback one in a luxury villa with a scenic view, and an exciting one filled with lots of activities.

Island life definitely suits the ENTJ. Mauritius features plenty of outdoorsy activities (snorkelling with dolphins, deep-diving in the ocean, skydiving, and more) and, of course, spectacular views that make for Insta-worthy snapshots.


16. ESTJ: The Guardian

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Go to: Seoul, Korea

The land of kimchi and K-dramas has much to keep the dynamic ESTJ occupied. Though not as spontaneous as, say, an ESFP, ESTJs still like to have some flexibility when they travel and gravitate towards social interaction. The fast-paced lifestyle of vibrant Seoul fits them like a glove.

From hotspots such as Hongdae and Garosu-gil, which are packed with clubs, cafes, malls and boutiques, to cultural sites such as temples and palaces, the ESTJ will love the blend of traditional and modern aspects of Seoul. Last but not least, the food streets of Myeongdong (spicy rice cakes and seafood pancakes, anyone?) will satisfy any ESTJ’s palate.


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