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Holidays are fun, fun, fun! But what about the packing that everyone whines about? Chill out, we have some smart tips to ease the pain and get you all set for your next adventure. Here’re some space-saving quick tips to help you master the art of packing.


1. Plan, plan, plan!

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Scan through your itinerary and plan what you’re going to wear each day to avoid bringing more (or less) than what you need. Your best bet? Basics that can be easily interchanged with each other so you’d get more mileage with each piece. No extra sets of clothes “just in case”, and no “I forgot to bring my swimsuit” accidents! Tip: No one notices even if you re-wear the same jeans twice, wink.


2. Roll, don’t fold

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This is the best way to maximise space. Roll your clothes up into tight tubes and stack them up. Avoid bringing pieces that will crumple easily — go for knits, wool, and cotton materials instead. This way, you can roll them up without worrying about creases. Besides, who likes ironing when you’re overseas? Definitely not me! Bonus tip: Pick clothes that are not too bulky, and slot your swimsuits, underwear, pyjamas and workout clothes in the leftover nooks and crannies to save more space.


3. Use vacuum-sealed storage bags

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If you are heading to a winter destination and you have to lug along heavy puffer jackets, consider purchasing inexpensive vacuum-sealed storage bags (you can easily get them from Daiso)! Suck out the air and watch your jackets shrink into flat pancakes that you can easily pack into your luggage.


4. Every little tiny space matters

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Regardless how tiny it is, space is space. and these small gaps – like the insides of your shoes – can be used to store useful items such as your socks, earphones, charging cords, a tiny box containing accessories such as earrings and necklaces, and more!


5. Bring travel-sized samples

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You have an excuse to be a kiasu aunty sample collector now! Start accumulating samples from promoters and use the miniature bottles for your trip by filling them up with products such as shampoo, facial wash and body wash. Even small contact-lens cases can be used for lotions and creams! When you’re done, toss them, and you’ll instantly free up room for more travel loot. Bonus: It’s also a great way for you to test out new products.


6. Out with the old, in with the new

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Instead of throwing away garments that are worn and have holes, keep them for your travel pyjamas and toss them away at the end of your trip. This way, you’re able to lessen your load of dirty laundry and save more space for more new clothes.


7. Leave extra pairs of shoes behind

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While you may be tempted to pack extra pairs of shoes just so you can snap more hipster-looking #FromWhereIStand or #IHaveAThingForFloors cool shots, we suggest leaving those behind! You’re only adding unnecessary weight to your luggage. I mean…one can take the chance (and space) to buy new shoes overseas, right? Keep to just two pairs for your trip — a casual pair for walking and a more formal set. If you’re hiking, wear those bulky shoes to the airport.