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The private glass cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Watch the sunrise from a queen-size bed? Yes. Stargaze in the wilderness in the buff? Totally. Be one with nature but have the option of someone preparing some of your meals? No problem. 

Founded by New Zealander and serial inventor Grant Ryan, Purepods is the modern-day answer to the desire for self-imposed “isolation” – with modern-day comforts, minus modern-day distractions (Wi-Fi and TV). 


There are just four Purepods, built on remote clearings on private farmland in New Zealand‘s South Island one in Manakau, one in Kahutara, one in Greystone, and one in Little River. Brutalist-inspired and environmentally designed, with roof-to-floor glass for National Geographic-like views, each Purepod is built for two and has everything for comfort living (hot showers, underfloor heating, and even a kitchen to cook your meals). It runs on solar energy, uses filtered rainwater, and has natural waste composting. It even has a telescope and star map for novice stargazers and seasoned astronomers. 

A night’s stay starts from NZ$490 (S$485) for two people. You are encouraged to bring your own produce for meals (er…you are supposed to be isolated, remember?), but you have the option of getting a dinner and breakfast package of fresh local produce (ready-to-eat and ready-to-be-barbecued), for an extra NZ$139. 

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The best time for a Purepod experience? December to February as it’s summer – the least erratic season – in New Zealand then. 

Regardless of which of the four locations you choose, the journey begins with a flight to Christchurch. Then, you either drive to your Purepod or fly there in a helicopter with New Zealand travel specialist Antipodean Luxury Travel. For Little River and Greystone, going by helicopter costs NZ$1,500 for two. For Kahutara and Manakau, it’s about NZ$5,075 for two. For Kahutara and Manakau, it’s about NZ$5,075 for two: getting to these locations costs more as the flight is longer and takes you over scenic sites where you might spot whales and dolphins. 

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This story was originally published in the November 2017 issue of Her World magazine.