All Instagram-loving, jetset fashion-following gals will have lusted over the cool, calm and collected glam that presides over many a celeb as they touch down in their latest location for work and play. If you’re thinking they can only achieve that level of perfection with the help of PAs and a glam squad, you may be onto something. 

However, there are tips we can glean from the flawless and fabulous when it comes to beating jet lag on your next flight and looking amazing when you touch down. Say buh-bye to scruffy tracksuits and feeling like death for two days straight on your next Euro trip. Here’s how to look 100-emoji worthy and still be uber comfortable when you’re travelling:


#1 Do your research

If you’re a regular reader, we’ve already prepped you with a detailed in-flight beauty regimen to keep your glow intact and a must-have packing list for your carry-on so you’re never cold, unable to sleep or left in need of juice for your iPhone on a flight again. Read up and you’re already halfway to looking and feeling stellar for your next business or pleasure trip. 

#2 Follow Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s every move



Okay we’re semi-joking, but she’s the fashion world’s queen of travelling in style. Her Instagram feed is a veritable treasure trove of just-got-off-flight and waking up #flawless perfection and she’s generous enough to tag every label and brand that makes up her incredible airport style for us to emulate. In fact, she’s so revered as a stylish jetsetter that e-commerce site Violet Grey recruited her to share her secrets for every destination she has planned out over the coming months. Some tips we’ve gleaned from her are to change into lounge pants and a soft cotton tee whilst in-flight, and fold up your airport outfit neatly for a quick-change pre-arrival. If you’re flying Business Class, take advantage of the extra space and hang those clothes to avoid creases. You’ll be looking pap-worthy in no time, even if it’s just your mum greeting you and not a horde of cameras! 

#3 Watch when you eat

Another queen of the skies, ‘Suits’ actress, editor-in-chief of The Tig and all-round wonder woman Meghan Markle has some amazing travel tips to keep jet lag at bay. Essentially, whatever time it is in the country you land in, you must try and live in accordance with their meal times and sleeping patterns. Jet lag is caused by your Circadian body rhythms becoming out of sync (they control when you feel hungry, want to sleep etc.). These rhythms are dependent on exposure to light and can therefore get affected by time zone changes. If you eat when you’re supposed to, you’re one step ahead of beating jet lag and avoiding any potentially #hangry moments. Obviously, if you land super late at night and are starving, you should eat! Being hungry can also prevent you from sleeping properly. However, that doesn’t mean you should pig out; instead, try eating something light (a.k.a no crazy carbs) and high in protein. 

Another top tip from Meghan? Ingest some high-strain probiotics to keep your digestive system in check and viruses at bay! Dr. Ohhira’s are a favourite. 

#4 Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!



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Drink water and then drink some more. Two glasses of water can apparently give you the brain boost equivalent of a cup of coffee! As well as being great for your skin, it will help keep you energised and alert, a must when trying to stave off zombie fatigue. We recommend at least three litres to keep yourself on the path to jet lag freedom. 

#5 Keep it clean



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Almost every celeb I’ve witnessed talking about their in-flight rituals note their aversion to plane germs! Shay Mitchell shared her germaphobe tendencies via her YouTube channel which shows her wiping down the seat, table, air con vents etc. with antibacterial wipes before her flight takes off. As so many seasoned travellers swear by this as a tip to ward off potential coughs and colds in your new destination, this is something worth picking up! No one wants to be sick for a long-awaited hol. 

#6 Prevention is better than cure

Don’t you just hate that dry nose and parched throat feeling you get on flights? To avoid this, it’s best to grab a cotton bud and coat your nostrils with a little ointment to lubricate them, and even better, ward off infections and viruses. From a little Vaseline to something with antibiotic properties that will act as a barrier for germs such as Neosporin, the benefits of moisturising and priming your respiratory system is a must to preempt colds and viruses when you need to be on top form. We love this frequent flyer-approved tip, used by the likes of Eva Chen to Leonardo Dicaprio!

#7 Get some sun

Your internal Circadian rhythm is set according to our exposure to light (this is why watching shows on your laptop in bed is not conducive to sleeping) so if you arrive when it’s still light out, you should seriously consider heading out and having a look-see. From a walk around your surroundings to eating a meal outdoors (if the time is right), exposing yourself to natural light will help your body adjust to your current timezone a lot more quickly, though tucking yourself in bed and shutting out all light may feel like what you really want to do (I feel you). 

So there you have it, tips from some of the world’s most frequent flyers to keep jet lag at bay! See here if you’re in need of some packing advice, you can learn from my mistakes.