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Recently, geologists discovered Earth’s eighth and newest continent called Zealandia. This would have been a must-visit for any adventurous traveller, but unfortunately, Zealandia isn’t exactly in a travel-ready condition now. Moreover, Singapore has been named the most powerful passport in the world! Let us at GoBear pick out the up and coming exotic destinations of 2017 that will tickle that travel bug in you.



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With the ghosts of the Medellín Cartel dogging Colombia and Netflix glamourising Pablo Escobar, it is hard not to associate the country with narcotics. However, that is well in the past. The resurgence, if it is anything to go by, is winning over tourists with beautifully rustic architecture, street graffiti, good coffee and sexy salsa clubs. Other than the capital city of Bogotá, the UNESCO Heritage site of Cartagena is also a must-see.



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Prison Break is premiering a new season and we couldn’t help but get reminded of the Scofield brothers’ escape to Panama City. Far removed from being a hideout, Panama is bustling with life and energy, combining the best of high-rise urban tripping and wildlife sightseeing down the famed Canal. Bear in mind that as a tropical country, the sun is always shining on Panama. You can relax by the Pacific-facing beaches and absorb some massive chill vibes or even party till dawn. Oh, and let’s not forget about taking that Instagram-worthy beach holiday shot to make your friends go green with envy.


Cook Islands

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Located in the South Pacific, a group of fifteen islands make up this tropical paradise. Flying from Changi to Rarotonga in Cook Islands is going to drain a great deal of money out of your vacation budget compared to the Maldivian counterpart, but you would quickly forget all about it when you experience the Cooks brand of idyllic white sands, coral lagoons, rocky peaks with a bottle of beer grasped in one hand.



If the DreamWorks animated film is any indication, lemurs are going to be a big part of your Madagascar adventure. And that is just one of the wildly fascinating faces of the Madagascan nature you will be coming across. The outdoor geeks are going love getting their hands dirty with off-road jeep drives, desert trekking, rainforest hiking, rock climbing and diving.



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We would be motivated to visit just for the water of everlasting youth, but don’t take our word for it. What you can believe, though, is that Fijian folks are as hospitable and welcoming as they come. The only things better than that are the adventures you will inevitably find underwater and on the stretches of sun-kissed beaches.



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History buffs and artists would have quite an exciting field day in Lithuania. Within the capital city of Vilnius, the baroque churches, courtyards and cultural exhibitions would provide an inspirational walk down the streets rivalled only by Lithuania’s uncompromising nature scape. One of the most distinctive attractions outside the city centre is the Curonian Spit, a long stretch of sand dune that lines the Baltic ocean.



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Cappadocia, a stunning city sitting in the central region of Turkey, looks like a landscape in a fantasy film fashioned out of CGI. Stalagmite-like rock formations sprout up all over the plains and oddly shaped canyons provide an amazing backdrop for what is sure to be a double-tap inducing Instagram upload. If anyone has ever insulted you by calling you a troglodyte, know that you can actually live like one by spending nights in their signature underground cave hotels.    



Caught between the Red and Dead Sea, the lost city of Petra, Jordan still has many secrets and mysteries to reveal. It houses several tombs and carved structures, all scattered across its mostly sandy landscape. Many scenes from the Hollywood blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade were filmed here. You’ll never know, they might start filming the next installment.  


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