If you’re in need of a break or just want some ‘downtime’ with your partner or family, you may be looking towards idyllic islands or white sandy beaches. So if we said San Francisco is the ideal location, you might raise an eyebrow or two.

We want to stop you right there, because it is, in fact, a vacation destination that has it all. With ample activities that include sightseeing, hikihg, eating and drinking, relaxing, national parks and of course concerts and theatres…you’ll be left wondering how to fit it all in one vacation!

If you fancy exploring new shores but can’t quite decide what to do, here’s some epic acitvities and sights that are, in our eyes, a must-visit after you touch down in San Francisco.


Golden Gate Bridge

Image: 123rf

An icon of not just San Francisco but the whole of America…the Golden Gate Bridge should be top of your vacation bucket-list. Spanning the channel between San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean, this bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world. It is also the most photographed and has been deemed one of the wonders of the modern world.


Muir Woods

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If you’re after some outdoor adventure, Muir Woods is just the place. Federally protected as a nature park since 1908, you can follow the woodlands trails, spot the wildlife that habit there or even attend a tree talk to discover the abundance of vegitation and learn about the dense forest.


Botanical Gardens

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Nope, not our beloved Singapore Botanical Gardens… San Francisco have their own 55 acre oasis of garden, hosuing 8,500 different types of plant. Located within the Golden Gate Park, head to the gardens for some downtime and family walks, or simply to just submerse yourself in all the floral beauty.


Palace of Fine Arts Theatre

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In the Marina district of San Francisco, you’ll discover the stunning architecture of the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. Beyond the structure, of course, there are plenty of incredible events to attend and enjoy on your holiday. From comics to musicans, you’ll be thoroughly entertained.


Alcatraz Island

Image: 123rf

This island, off shore from San Francisco Bay, is another number one attraction.  Home to the former notorious prison, Alcatraz night tour is a popular choice, which includes ferry there and back and a guided tour from dock to cellhouse. The walk-in prison experience at night is errily fascinating.


Lands End

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Make your way to the Northwest corner of San Francisco to behold some truly breathtaking views at Lands End. With shipwrecks, ruins of Sutro baths and wildflowers along the hillside treks, you’ll be captivated by the scenery and nature.


What’s more, it is all within an easy arm’s reach now there are non-stop flights from Changi airport to San Francisco. Long gone are the worry days of jet lag and wasted days spent flying rather than enjoying your time off.

United Airlines has non-stop flights which means your getaway is now just over 16 hours…with none of the change-over headache. 16 hours may sound pretty long but when on board their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, you’ll relax into the comfortable flight instantly. In addition to the San Francisco non-stop service, the airline operates daily flights from Singapore to Hong Kong with Boeing 777-200 aircraft, offering convenient connections to the following hubs: Chicago, Guam, New York/Newark and San Francisco.

Leaving Singapore at 8 45am and arriving in San Francisco on the same day at 9 15am (we just love the magic of time-zones) on board the Dreamliner you’ll be enjoying larger windows, better ventilation and quieter external aircraft noise, which will ensure you arrive feeling relaxed and rested. Theer is nothing worse than arriving at your location only to feel tired, cranky and in need of a bed.