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Korean hit drama, Descendants of the Sun may have concluded on April 14, but the fever has not.

Heartthrob Song Joong Ki plays captain Yoo Si Jin in the South Korean Army, in the drama Descendents of the Sun while his love interest, doctor Kang Mo Yeon is played by Song Hye-Kyo.

Fans have been so bowled over by Song’s charm that the actor’s personal life has been turned upside town. He told reporters during a recent interview that his house was broken into and photos of his ex-girlfriend were being circulated online.

So here’s a tip to all starstruck fans out there. Instead of badgering Song, why not take a trip down to the places where the on-screen couple filmed their most iconic scenes?

After all, what’s on an ardent fan’s bucketlist if not to re-enact favourite scenes at the place where it all happened?

1. Taekbaek Hanbo coal mine

The abandoned coal mine in Taekbaek City, Gangwon Province, South Korea, was where scenes of the soldiers’ military camp in fictional country Urk was filmed.

Since filming wrapped up, the set has been removed to fans’ disappointment. However, according to Korea Times, the city is in talks with the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) to rebuild the set.”

The film set should be created as a sustainable tourist destination rather than a one-time location,” KTO CEO Jung Chang-soo said. “The site should be connected with other regional tourist products for the long run.”

Korea Times added that the proposal was supported by the country’s president Park Geun-hye, who said that the drama provided an opportunity for the nation to promote its culture to the world.

2. Zakynthos Shipwreck

This is perhaps the most iconic location in the drama, where viewers watched the relationship between the lead characters blossom.

The hidden beach known as Agios Georgios in Greece, is now more popularly known as Zakynthos Shipwreck for the washed up wreck on its shores.

The ship had sunk while transporting contraband cigarettes in 1983 and has since been washed ashore and fallen to neglect.

Bounded by towering cliffs, the beach can be reached by sailing from Porto Vromi or base-jumping off the ledges.

The 200m jump point is a hit with base-jumpers who flock to the platform for the astounding views below.

3. Samtan Art Mine

Remember the harrowing earthquake that tore Urk apart? The disaster site in the drama was filmed at Samtan Art Mine, an art museum converted from an abandoned mine.

In its heyday, the huge mine had around 3,000 miners in its employment.

Since its transformation, the mine’s shafts have been turned into art galleries while the electrical rooms have been converted into exhibition spaces for artifacts and contemporary artwork.

4. Camp Greaves DMZ Experience Center

When not on missions, the soldiers in the drama “return to base” in Camp Greaves DMZ Experience Center, Paju, Gyeonggi, which is only 2km away from the Demilitarized Zone.

Camp Greaves served as a base camp for the US Army for about 50 years after North and South Korea signed the armistice agreement.

The barracks was returned to the state in August 2007, and converted into a youth hostel in 2013 where it can accomodate up to 240 guests.

Building on the roaring success of the drama, authorities in Gyeonggi province have set up a program to take visitors around the barracks, cultural art enclave Hyeri village and the local theme park and garden.


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