Personally, when I’m researching for my next trip, I dream about having a comprehensive guide written with only one goal in mind: finding the best pit stops that only locals know about. However, these days, bloggers are often sponsored to promote certain places, so editorial authority has waned, and a Google search can bring up conflicting results (forums are like navigating a maze of different opinions). However, there is hope yet, and it comes in the form of access to LVMH’s little black book. 


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I stumbled upon these amazing guides via a good friend when we were both living in Paris, exploring every corner of the city. Though we spent many nights and days simply getting lost, discovering tiny wine bars and happening upon what became our favourite brasserie, there were times we longed for a little direction. One night my friend whipped out this amazing guide book she had been gifted, and it literally opened up incredible doors. From secret speakeasies that required a password to enter, to Moroccan-themed restaurants with psychedelic dance floors, if you like unique, hard to find places, you need to get your hands on one of Louis Vuitton’s travel guides. Now they’re also available in app form for ultimate ease-of-use when you’re on-the-go exploring, but the paper versions are super chic and slim, just thin enough to fit in your handbag. 

From features like 12 amazing experiences to have if you have 24 hours in your chosen city to little tea rooms; must-visit hidden galleries and scenic walking tours, these guides are comprehensive and varied. If you’re a jazz lover, or like to go out clubbing, the chicest suggestions are all there! And of course, being a guide by Louis Vuitton, the best boutiques and emerging designers to look out for in every city are sourced for you. 

Image: Louis Vuitton

If you’re thinking that these guides might just be for those who like the finer things in life, it’s not so. Of course, there are 5-star suggestions for when you want a one-of-a-kind experience or a special treat, but you can generally use them to discover gems that only locals know about. A few personal discoveries? When you’re next in Paris, make sure to stop by 69 rue des Gravilliers, also known as Andy Wahloo. It’s a fabulous place for your mint tea and Moroccan mezze cuisine fix, and come evening transforms into a crazy cocktail bar to have a dance-off at. Situated in le Marais neighbourhood, there are amazing other bars around, including La Perle, where you might just spot John Galliano if you’re lucky.

Image: Louis Vuitton

In the mood for a more chilled session? Head to 37 rue Saint-Sauveurs and whisper the Louis Vuitton city guide password to the doorman. Behind the non-descript door awaits a speakeasy experience which will have you feeling transported back to the Jazz Age!

Download the app and purchase city guides for Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, London and more here. Enquire about hardback versions here. For artistic impression books of South Africa and Paris ($86), head to Louis Vuitton boutiques nationwide from May 2016. A single edition copy of Paris by Brecht Evens ($4000) will be available from the Louis Vuitton Island Maison, signed and with an original lithograph from May. 

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