Have you been yearning to leave Singapore and travel around the world on your own? While having travel companions on a trip can certainly make things more awesome and fun, we can’t ignore the fact that stress and the need to compromise all the time may have the potential to sour the entire travel experience.

What does an independent wanderlusting soul have to do when the travel bug bites? You go on a solo adventure, of course! Ahead, we at GET.com share with you the top five travel hotspots that we reckon are perfect for those who are travelling on their own.

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best solo travel holiday destinations - lombok indonesia

1. Lombok, Indonesia

Not only is Lombok an incredible and affordable destination for travellers on a budget, this beach paradise is ideal for nature lovers who want to be close to the sun, sand and sea in addition to calming their senses down at lush green paddy fields, gorgeous waterfalls and hot springs.

The second best thing about Lombok is the fact that it is not as touristic compared to its famed neighbour, Bali. So, you get to enjoy all the fun that Lombok has to offer sans jostling with tons of fellow travellers – it’s a win-win situation. Check out our Lombok travel guide here if this travel spot nearby Singapore speaks to you.

best solo travel holiday destinations - hokkaido japan

2. Hokkaido, Japan

Although I will be visiting Hokkaido soon with my boyfriend, this particular northernmost region of Japan is amazing for solo travellers, too. From the famous Sapporo beer, the freshest seafood you’ll ever taste, awesome Japanese cuisine and snacks to the beautiful flower farms, unspoiled landscapes, birdwatching, skiing and hiking opportunities, you’ll have a lot do to there if you love making yourself comfortable in nature’s arms.

No matter whether you prefer spending winter or spring in Hokkaido, it’s safe to visit all year round. It is, after all, one of the best places in Asia you can visit for a white Christmas. And its flower farms in Furano, Biei, and the Okhotsk area are absolutely breathtaking! Learn more about this destination through our Hokkaido travel guide.

best solo travel holiday destinations - new zealand south island

3. South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand is an incredible place that anyone (ahem, myself included) has to visit before they leave Earth behind someday. The stunning scenery that feeds your eyes and soul with every turn you make is incredibly impressive in itself, and who can say no to going on adventures like whitewater rafting, skydiving, kayaking, jet boating, bungee jumping, skiing, horse riding, zorbing and more?

For the uninitiated, New Zealand’s gorgeous lakes, coastline, glaciers and mountains are known to be some of the most beautiful in the entire world. Plus, they have the friendliest human beings there, too! Read our South Island travel guide to find out more about this stunning place. Psst, South Island also happens to be one of our top 10 must-go travel destinations.

best solo travel holiday destinations - iceland

4. Reykjavik, Iceland

Not sure if you’re up for travelling alone? Consider exploring Reykjavik then. Iceland is a phenomenal travel destination for those like to feast their eyes on some of the prettiest places that this planet has to offer. Think: northern lights, Blue Lagoon, spectacular fjords, geysers, land formations and more. Reykjavik is a great winter destination if you want an icy wonderland, but it’s other seasons are equally stunning, too.

It doesn’t hurt to know that laid-back but eclectic Iceland has been unanimously voted as the safest country in the world – where else do you see people leave their car keys in their vehicles whilst shopping for groceries?

best solo travel holiday destinations - big sur california

5. Big Sur, California

Which solo traveller wouldn’t like the sound of road tripping in the Golden State of California? While you are at it, be sure to head to Big Sur, enjoy its trails, beaches, waterfalls and definitely allocate some time to go camping there.

Big Sur is packed with some really remarkable landscapes that anyone who loves basking in nature’s arms shouldn’t pass up. Spoiler alert: Looking at the horizon gives you good chances of seeing dolphins and whales in the distance.


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