Asia is home to some of the most beautiful holiday destinations, and Thailand is a firm favourite with Singaporeans. I’ve only been there once, but the trip left me with sweet memories of delicious food and glorious sunshine. I have full intention of going back there again in the near future and here are my top 3 reasons why!

1. The cheerful locals
If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you’ll know just how warm and easygoing the locals are. They are always smiling (sincerely!) and happy to help out a lost tourist in need. Thailand is also a safe country, people rarely steal so you can leave your laptop at the hotel and go out to enjoy the country with full peace of mind.

2. The endless number of beautiful attractions
Thailand’s majestic temples not only showcase the country’s rich history, they also make perfect subjects for your #vacay Instagram posts. For all you beach lovers out there, Thailand has hundreds of pristine white beaches that are unspoiled by city developments. The beaches around Koh Samui in particular are among the best places to get your much-needed dose of Vitamin D whilst enjoying a glass of ice-cold martini. Just remember to pile on the sunscreen, lest you leave with a burning (pun-intended) reminder to do so next time.

3. Uber delicious Thai food
Oh, and how can we forget about Thai food? This unique Asian cuisine has a myriad of flavours and textures that will dance in your mouth and leave you wanting more. As a chilli-lover, I get excited when I think about piping hot bowls of fresh green curry and tom yam. If you’re anything like me, the thought of devouring authentic Thai food alone is enough reason to pay the country a visit. Just remember to drink lots of water to balance out the dishes’ high spice and salt content!
So, are you itching to go to Thailand yet? Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck in a (mango) sticky (rice) situation, we’ve got your budget covered with deals that allow you to save big bucks on accommodation so you can have your Pad Thai and eat it too! 

1. Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok – (4.6 stars)

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2. Arnoma Grand – (3.5 stars)
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1. Baan Laimai Beach Resort – (3.9 stars)

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2. Kalima Resort & Spa, Phuket – (4.1 stars)
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Chiang Mai
1. Baan Ratchiangsaen – (4.3 stars)

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2. Yantarasri Resort – (3.5 stars)
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Koh Samui
1. Fair House Villas & Spa – (4.3 stars)

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2. Mimosa Resort & Spa – (3.5 stars)
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