Image: Moschino / Showbit

Dealing with jet lag is always a downer after you return home from a trip. But you don’t have to let it get to you as it can be managed easily if you know how to beat it. 

1. Start Early

Prepare for jet lag before you even get on the plane by adjusting your sleep and meal times to the timezone of your destination a few days before you leave. This depends on where you’re heading (you can’t be expected to switch your schedule by 12 hours if you’re going to New York, for example) and would work best if your destination’s timezone is only a few hours different from Singapore’s. However, if you’re only going away for two days, stick to your home timezone, even when away, so that you’ll have no problems adjusting when you’re back.

2. To Sleep Or Not To Sleep

Whether or not you should catch some shuteye on the plane depends on the timing and duration of your flight. If you’re flying during the daytime and will arrive at your destination in the evening, try not to sleep on the plane so that it’ll be easier to get to bed once you arrive. 

3. Give Yourself Time

It takes time to adjust to a new timezone – up to an entire day for each time zone crossed – so try not to schedule business meetings within a few hours of your arrival. If you’re travelling for work, it’s best to arrive at least a day before you meet anyone so you’ll look and feel more presentable by then. And if you’re travelling for leisure, don’t book any long tours the day you arrive for your holiday.

4. Just Say No 

Don’t have any caffeine the day you’re flying because it stays in your system for hours and will keep you awake. And don’t drink caffeine or alcohol on the flight as it’s dehydrating and will affect your internal clock and exaggerate jet lag symptoms. You might think that having a glass of wine onboard will make you sleep better but alcohol doesn’t give the most restful sleep so it’s best to stick to water. 

5. Eat, Drink And Move It

Don’t skip meals because being woken up in the middle of the night by a growling stomach will make you feel worse. Drink lots of water before, during and after your flight as it makes you more alert and helps you to focus better. And get a workout done at the hotel gym or go out and get some fresh air as you’ll feel and sleep better. 


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